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by whoami
Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:26 pm
Forum: Trine 2
Topic: Trine 2 patch for Steam (2013-11-07)
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Re: Trine 2 patch (2013-11-07) - Fixes Complete Story detect

Unfortunately, not DRM-free. "Purchase Trine 2: Complete Story and instantly unlock it on Steam . Includes DRM-free version for Linux, Mac and Windows!" Steam is DRM, in my book, as they control your access to the game. It's just like Origin, for example. You may play "offline",...
by whoami
Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:54 am
Forum: Trine 2
Topic: Trine2 on Slackware
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Re: Trine2 on Slackware

Hello, I had similar problems on Slackware 14.0. The only thing you need to install is openal, which you can get from, but you need a 32bit slackware in order to build the package. Concerning libwrap and libselinux, it seems that those were accidentially linked to the launcher execut...

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