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by StumpeRIFIC
Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:43 am
Forum: Trine Technical Support for Windows & PSN
Topic: Multiple Keyboards/Mice
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Re: Multiple Keyboards/Mice

Okie Doke... First of, Trine = awesome. With that out of the way I can get to more pressing concerns. I seem to be having the same issue that 'Nemesis' was having as stated above (Player one is controlled by a random mouse and keyboard combo, player two has only mouse and no keyboard controls her, p...
by StumpeRIFIC
Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:46 pm
Forum: Trine 2
Topic: Wizard able to fight this time?
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Re: Wizard able to fight this time?

!!?!??!? Huh!? I'd play this with friends and they'd always get annoyed that I could kill things as the wizard before they got the chance to! Spawn 1 long platform (or box, but platform is quicker to cast) above any amount of skeletons and it crushes them all. :o Enjoy the greatest offensive spell e...

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