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by FB_Lauri
Tue Feb 21, 2006 1:19 am
Forum: Shadowgrounds
Topic: Errors & Comments and Little WTH?
Replies: 18
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Thanks for the comments :) Quickly the bugs first: Script dialogues may have some diffrence with the text we haven't noticed. The enemies shooting thru walls is indeed a nasty bug which may occur in a few certain places. The enemies itself work correctly but the collision models of the maps might ha...
by FB_Lauri
Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:23 am
Forum: Mods / Level Editor
Topic: MOD RELEASED: Alien Breed III Shadowgrounds *UPDATE*
Replies: 38
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Thanks for the great mod :) The problems with releasing the editor currently are: 1) The editor is rather hard to use For this fact, we can do nothing in a short perioid of time. Anyway, this problem is solved when the most devouted fans sacrifice their life trying to learn the tricks of the editor....
by FB_Lauri
Wed Feb 15, 2006 4:59 am
Forum: Technical Support for Windows
Topic: Questions for the admin
Replies: 5
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4. Please mention Shadowgrounds on as many possible forums as you can imagine. Even better, tell it's a good game rather than completely trashing it, but it's of course up to you :D

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