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Support Insects Infestation.

Postby Mr. ShadowStealer » Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:51 pm

It's me, if someone can remember me. I haven't been here for ages because I haven't played the game for ages and also haven't got time to play it.

But I wanted to come back here because I found a mod for Steam called Insects Infestation.

They have quite recently released first version of their mod and it have already patched to 1.0.3 version. But they had to strip it very much because they have worked on it for 2 years and community wanted to see something. It playes well though there are few things which have to be patched but it really plays well for the first release.

The point in this request is that they need people in their team, especially animator or two because there are only 4 people at the moment in their team. Earlier there were only 3 and they really need help to get the mod progress. They desperately need an animator to speed up things.

So if you have steam and know how to work with it and you are good 2d Artist, Animator, Mapper, Model Skinner or Texture Artist, contact them.

I wanted to help them but I don't have any of those skills which they require nor the time to do things so this is the least thing which I can do for them.

So could you help them?

Here's further information how to contact them:

Not all of you have äää's and ööö's :P

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