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Modest Request

Postby Bugg » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:42 am

Dear Frozenbyte team,

I am writing this letter on behalf of both gamers as well as those who create the games we play. I mean no disrespect to any parties included in this message. I have simply had a taste of the high life and am now having difficulty settling for less. Unfortunately, you have only yourselves to blame for this, Frozenbyte.

Recently, I had an issue with Trine 2 crashing on start-up after purchasing the game's DLC. It was an inconvenience made worse that my friend was waiting just for me to play through the game's story with her. At a loss, I contacted Frozenbyte's support and was quickly greeted by Anni. During our correspondence, I was instructed to attach (directions were included) my crash report to my next reply. Within hours of sending the report, the Frozenbyte team had resolved my issue.

I was extremely surprised and grateful. It was a shock to be treated with so much attentiveness. Even still, I am not sure if I gave you the full volume of appreciation you were due. I would not realize this until I was greeted with a similar crashing issue in another game by a different development staff. I sent the initial email to them on July 23rd, soon after initially contacting Frozenbyte.

Like Frozenbyte, the other support responded promptly (at first) and eventually requested I send my crash report (if Anni had not previously directed me to the crash reports, I would have been momentarily lost since they did not). The last message I received from them was on July 24th, following my having provided them with my crash report. During the lengthy absence, I finally followed-up on August 8th with an updated crash report. There was no reply. As of today, there has been no fix and no information on a future patch for the game.

My experience with Frozenbyte has spoiled me. Each second spent waiting on a fix from this other team serves as a multiplier for my appreciation for Frozenbyte's support. To Anni and to everyone in the credits of a Frozenbyte game, I express my sincerest gratitude. If I could make one more request of Frozenbyte, it would be that you do not keep this level of regard to yourselves. If it is something that can be taught, I implore you to share your standards and your degree of excellence with every development staff. Just.. Think of the children.

Best wishes,
B— "I'm-not-even-joking" —Ugg

(Invisible note: If you start by telling the Castle Crashers devs, The Behemoth, how you fixed Trine 2 for me, that'd be great. Maybe they'd find the information useful.)

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