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for the PPL at frozenbyte

Postby zza » Wed Apr 05, 2006 1:51 pm

Hi as u all know i made the post about adding LAN/online modes,and other game types.

well i have a few other ideas(not concerning this game).
i have a lot of good ideas for games,mostly multiplayer ones though.
now im not one of those fools that would just give my email or post my ideas,
if you guys would like to talk about some of my ideas,you can find me on the AIF ventrilo server most of the time(AIF is an australian battlefield 2 clan server,and if u dont know wat ventrilo is,its a VoIP program,u can get it at ,and please make sure u can porove u work at FB),like i said im no fool,or even more so u can make this a private topic that can only allow the FB team and me into it,now i do know that FB would like to release a top selling game even better then shadowgrounds,and if u did take one of my ideas on the only thing i would want in return is a little credit for the games concept and 3-4 free copys of the game( i have my own 5 PC LAN).the only reason i havent tried any of my ideas is bcoz i dont have the right software(i have progs like MAYA 5.0 and so forth but i have had no learning in major scripting,i can make awesome maps and models for most (FPS/3rd person)games,i would really like to offload these games to an upcoming game company,oh if you think im full of sh|t i have about 500 PC games,50 xbox,all the nintendo DS games,all the SNES/NES games, in other words im a fulltime gamer and my only dislike in games is major RTS/TBS style games,i think most gamers will agree that a good game has a story to it,and i have both storys and concepts,so you guys think good & hard about this(i have also posted on other small time game company IE:webzen,joymax,aeonsoft and a few others sites the first PPL that get back to me will have my ideas)

oh yeah with a game like shadowgrounds i think you guys could also make an awesome MMORPG or whatever the ppl that work with you guys have great potential for great games.

well this is The Zza Man signing off

oh im called AIF#>Lt.Zza on ventrilo, if im not there ask AIF#>Aim_True or AIF#>BushranGR about me
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Postby fb_joel » Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:30 pm

Hi Zza,

Thanks for the offer. I'll reply in public, as it's probably useful to others as well.

Most game companies don't accept ideas outside the company. We will follow this because we don't really need any new ideas - we already have loads of them, and they're good.

And most importantly, we are already working on new projects, and it will take a while before they are complete.

But thanks anyway, and I hope you find a way to realize those ideas. It takes time but anything's possible. Everyone here still has ideas that were dreamed about as a teenager, and some of those might become real in the next few years. 8)
// Joel, Frozenbyte team

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I wish..

Postby Rixx » Mon Jun 05, 2006 11:18 am

Ahhh the dreams of youth. I always had the same aspirations myself as do most serious gamers that their ideas are the ideas that will make millions. The thing is there are millions of gamers just as hardcore as you who all think the exact same thing.

I started going to a school called Fullsail down in Florida ( If your serious about developing games then you should check it out ) and quickly learned exactly how much work it takes to even do the most mundane of things inside of a programming environment. A ton of games have the potential to being great mmorpgs if you made what would seemingly be slight changes to those not familiar to the undertaking of developing a game. But the step from single to multiplayer is big, then to go to an mmorpg scale is an even more tremendous step that would require a very steep backing of funds a total expansion of staff etc. Something a lot of studios don't have ( unless you are backed by a tremendous publisher ( who will most likely wind up owning your intellectual property anyhow )). Don't waste time thinking you can pitch your ideas about what the greatest game in the world could be because these guys already know it! As does almost any gamer.

If you are serious about making games there is 3 paths you can pretty much choose to become the vaunted "game designer" ( although no large studios have a single person calling all the shots ).

-Q&A, thats quality and assurance, and in lamens terms game tester! Game testing is actually very boring contrary to what people think, you work with buggy alpha and beta releases with sometimes only half completed levels and untextured environments. You are given a goal for testing certain aspects by the developers and you give them your feedback and it will go back and forth sometimes of doing the same thing over and over till you can't find any problems with it. It is possible to climb the ranks through this starting position if you proove yourself valuable enough here!

-Artist. This is a tough one. In games today there are many types of artists employed to make the games as realistic as they are! Texture artists, computer animators, special fx artists etc. Most overly creative types might feel confined in these environments though cause remember, you are working to make someone else's idea come to reality not your own! Though you might have your own flavor to add to the mix! But you can become a "Game designer" if you show enough aptitude in the creative field but have a grip on reality so as to make things work.

And of course who could forget the peons that make it all happen!
-programmers! Most companies use a small army of them to get their game done on time. The fields of specialization for a programmer are many, from A.I. programming, User Interface, Network coding to writing the game engine itself and all sorts of handy features you might take for granted! You have a love for math? You enjoy long sleepless nights staring at lines of text on your screen for hours on end? Then you sir are perfect for the job! While it may be hard to rise above all the fish in this sea of talent its not impossible! Structure your code and comment it well so that any other programmer can sit down and pick up where you left off and you're a winner!

I actually wrote all this up cause i used to be like the OP. Then I learned the harsh reality of the gaming world today.

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