Trine (2) Inspired comic

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Trine (2) Inspired comic

Postby Rei » Tue May 01, 2012 7:07 am

I contacted Joel about getting permission/using screenshots for a comic a few days ago and wanted to show of the end result.

A bit of backstory:
My friend and I are starting a bit of a video game themed web comic. Just something small to keep a "journal" so to speak, of our group of gaming friend's humorous antics remembered for more than a moment.
If you're interested, we'll be hosting it at our site (you should stop by if you're interested in finding others to game with. we play everything!), as soon as I get a few more under my belt and find an easier art style... this piece took me way too long to be efficient!

This is my first go at any sort of themed comic art... still learning and trying to find my style which seems everywhere at the moment, heh.

Art by me, story/concept - Carter Straub, Trine and Trine 2 copyright Frozenbyte, Inc., background screenshots used with permission.

I think we'll call this "The Joys of Co-Op."
What's the best kind of trolling? Why, trolling your friends, of course! Enjoy, let me know what you think.

Comment: I know there are inconsistencies in her hood and such.. but by the time I got to the last frame and realized my computer doesn't have enough RAM to use PS5 (numerous times of not being able to save nearly finished work *eye twitch*) I was ready to be done! lol

You can get the larger picture here.

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