could been so much better add your ideas too

For discussion about Trine, firstly released in 2009 for Windows and on PlayStation Network.
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could been so much better add your ideas too

Postby karlkart » Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:05 pm

ok i bought this overpriced game finding out if was aswsome and worth every penny
so here is my short review
this game fun to play alone but when you played co-op you can only feel the true part of the game besinds this game is simple and my opinun easy it is a great game to play with your friends (besinds all the betrales that happen in game and out). each charater was fun to use but it could be so much better

things to inprove
-online play (i know you say it you get the sales)
-more levels
-monster vartiy
- way overpriced
- perventing your freinds chaning into your guy
could inprove
-coustimize different armors you know
things that just came out of mind
-arena fights your teams of 3 work togheter to kill the other 3 human opnents (it came up after the massive betraly to see who go to be the theif
-making your own levels
-pet monsters

sorry for my speling and grammer

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Re: could been so much better add your ideas too

Postby FlukeRogi » Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:51 pm

I definitely agree about the monster variety. Although I didn't get bored with the hordes of skeletons, it would have been nice for more than a couple of standard versions. Undead could include zombies as well, or even skeletal/zombie versions of different creatures.

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