Trine on OnLive

For discussion about Trine, firstly released in 2009 for Windows and on PlayStation Network.
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Trine on OnLive

Postby orunin » Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:27 am

I just got my OnLive invite for a free year and saw Trine in the game list, which is good exposure considering it's the only good fantasy game on the list. It's pretty neat watching other people play live in the arena, especially for you guys. One thing I noticed though was that, instead of the demo you released, it uses 30 minutes of the "full game". After a bunch of trial and error, I feel like someone could get pretty far. On my first try I got to the castle (I beat the game multiple times but that's just an example.) How does Frozenbyte feel about Trine on OnLive?

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Re: Trine on OnLive

Postby fb_joel » Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:01 pm

Trine will be available for purchase on OnLive soon, we just need to do finalize some paperwork. :) We're not actually able to see Trine in action ourselves but we've heard it's running ok. :P However, we know the technology works fine - it's not exactly the same as playing on a real PC but it's not that far away either, we were surprised how little input lag and such there was. If the broadband connection to the servers is good enough, then it's a viable way to play games if you can settle for something a little less.

As for OnLive itself, we feel that OnLive expands the market for our games. I wouldn't necessarily say that it's aimed at our "core" audience, i.e. the people who play Trine using the existing methods. There's been a lot of talk on the internet comparing OnLive to this and that, but I think that's not useful at all. That said, it's still a new service, so we'll have to see how things go...
// Joel, Frozenbyte team

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Re: Trine on OnLive

Postby Lucas W » Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:09 pm

With Fibre, VNC and someway to transmit your keyboard and mouse signals you really can do PC multiplayer :P

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Re: Trine on OnLive

Postby double D 215 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:30 pm

First off, I love your game Trine. I must have played the demo about ten times already. Secondly, I am really liking the OnLive service and all of it's features. I hope they do make the micro-console, since I am mainly a console gamer. And I am looking forward to purchasing Trine off the OnLive service as soon as it's available.

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Re: Trine on OnLive

Postby Baldr » Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:25 am

I love playing the Demo and can't wait to buy it when available on OnLive.

It plays almost perfectly with my Xbox360 controller, with the exception of the thief's bow and arrows, but overall one of my favorite games on OnLive.

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