Trine Xbox 360 version, features / hud?

For discussion about Trine, firstly released in 2009 for Windows and on PlayStation Network.
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Trine Xbox 360 version, features / hud?

Postby ledomira » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:15 am


I currently have the PS3 version of Trine, but I also have an Xbox 360. I was wondering if and when Trine will come to the 360. If so, would you be willing to provide the option to disable the hud in the 360 version, and maybe a way to take screenshots that can be saved to the harddrive or a usb drive?

If so, I could easily see buying the game again for the Xbox 360. I use linux, so can't play the PC version, or I imagine taking screenshots and turning off the hud via a console command would be easy. But, having a way to turn off the hud on a console version and take screenshots would easily make it worth another buy.

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Re: Trine Xbox 360 version, features / hud?

Postby fb_joel » Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:52 pm

Unfortunately Trine is most likely not coming to Xbox 360/XBLA. Obviously we would have liked to make that happen but there are reasons outside our influence that have prevented it. :(

We will try to implement something like this for Trine 2 though, but I can't make a 100% certain promise yet...
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