Crystal Caverns music. How to play it? Problem.

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Crystal Caverns music. How to play it? Problem.

Postby Zybex » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:21 am

Hi there.

Let me start with this: I can't play actually. I don't know the notes and such, but I like to have some fun pretending I can. When I'm alone and nobody can hear this. ;)
Crystal Caverns level music has something magic in it. I really want to be able to play this.
OK, sure, two hands play and chords are out of my reach, but I managed (by trial & error) to find almost all of the matching notes.
I have a Yamaha PSR-E303 keyboard and cannot actually find the right note/sound for the part on the high tones (the highest in this tune). The part at 1:50 or so. Not the main theme in this tune. Chorus would fit better, I think.
It starts with a lowest note, then a higher one, then again the same lower one and (etc.) I cannot find that lower. If I'll do I will work my way up from there.

I have a "tuning" option in my instrument, but I can't find it. I also have a few piano sounds but none matches exactly. (Grand piano, Brite piano and all the XGlite variations)
I think I'm hitting a wall called "chords" here, but it also might be my not so good ear. I tried and lost my patience. :P

Maybe there is some Trine fan here with musical skills?
The best matching note and tuning setting would be very helpful, along with instrument or instrument combination.(I guess all electronic MIDI standard keyboards has the same pitch at "tuning: 00" setting)

If there only was some program that could change the music to .mid file, but I guess the magic is only present in games like Trine ;) not so much in the real world.

I would be very grateful for anything. The best scenarios are:
- .mid file with a few seconds with proper chords. I can learn them, eventually :P Plus - my keyboard accepts .mid files and can display me exactly what should I press :)
- notes chart, I don't have to know them but I will translate it for the proper keyboard keys quite easily.
- I can always connect my instrument to my PC, so I'm open to any suggestions about a proper piano soundfont/s
- If I won't run out of my determination and patience :P - I could even try some of the background. I cannot play two handed asynchronously, but my PSR-e303 supports playing one hand, recording it, and then play it back allowing me to play the second hand.

I never learned to play anything right. Not even close to "right" but maybe this is a good opportunity to start.
It could be really fun. :)


Too bad no one helped, but since I was waiting...
Music from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2344 almost learned. :D

I can play it like on the video (both hands) almost properly now. (I have really small hands and have to jump in the air alot :( ) I managed to get down to 1 mistake, but usually I make a few mistakes.
In a few month I might be able to play it even almost "good", who knows :P (I mean - not to hurt the tempo so much and start to play using different sound volume during play, using strengh-sensitive keyboard. Right now I suck at parts when I have to move my left hand really fast and in air - I always play that note too loud. :P )
I can't wait to be able to actually play something more complicated than Happy Birthday.
This Trine theme (in this simplified version) is great to learn the keyboard.

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