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Controller don't work

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:28 pm
by elcrcp
Hi I've just installed the Trine and tried to play but it gave me an error with physx so i downloaded physX and installed (my video card is ati) anyway now game works perfect unless one thing...
I can use mouse in main menu and start the game, so game is loading and then running but i cant control the character... none of keyboard keys work, only esc working so I can launch or quit the game but i cant move jump or click anywhere in game.. just checked topics but no solution for this problem.. its strange that being able to launh game perfectly but unable to control .. please help..

PS: I dont know if it helps or releated with this problem but I'm using Win7 RC version and DX11 with it, also I installed physX after I installed Trine.