Trine 2 DLC Gobelin menace

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Trine 2 DLC Gobelin menace

Postby jeannoel » Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:33 am

I bought tow years ago the game trine 2 in collector edition in a Game store (not online, but in real life). I recentrly bought the new DLC The gobelin Menace on the Steam store. However, even if Steam "tell" me it download and install the DLS itself, i don't have the new level in the game. Then my problem is that i bought DLC at less than 5€ and i didn't get any stuff.

A Steam support advise me to ask to the frozenbyte support if my edition (collector) is compatible with the DLC.

Jean-Noël Favier.

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Re: Trine 2 DLC Gobelin menace

Postby FB_Teemu » Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:05 am

There shouldn't be any compatibility issues with the collector's edition. To check if you have the DLC as intended, rightclick Trine 2 in the Steam's library, choose "DLC" tab and see if you have "Goblin Menace DLC" on the list. If not, contact Steam support, since it's an issue on their side for not registering it correctly on your account. If you need to contact them again for this, add a note that you don't actually have the DLC connected to your Steam account.

If it does read there, however, it'd be an issue with our game. In that case, I'd want you to check a couple of things:
1) In the main menu, is there "Complete Story" text below the Trine 2 logo?
2) In the lower right corner, which version number does it show?
3) Check the level list, is there anything after the 13th level?
4) Play through the last level of the original content again just in case (level "13. The Final Chapter"). This has helped in a couple of rare cases.

If playing the last level again does not help, I would like to know which operating system are you using. There has been issues with Linux and Mac which has caused the DLC to not show up correctly (they have been updated since then, though).

Let's see if we can get this solved. :)

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