My Thrustmaster gamepad and how I solved it.

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My Thrustmaster gamepad and how I solved it.

Postby juice87 » Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:34 am

Hi everyone, I had some problems with my gamepad ( Dual Analog II ) and finally solved it, hope this will help you guys out.
My problem was that my right stick Y axis was working. I was detected by Trine as axis_rudder.
He couldn't detect my X axis, which had to axis_throttle ( at least I thought by browsing the I-net ).

I found out that he names my X axis as Slider. So after applying the latest update, I replaced Throttle ( which I originally put in )
for slider. I launced the game. Trine automatically renamed throttle to slider_1 after I tried to set the X axis once more.

Hope this will help some of you on the long path of getting you controls right ;).

I have one question tough. I also have ShadowGrounds Survivor, which has exact the same prob. Is there a way to like copy some gamepad information to ShadowGrounds Survivor from Trine so it will be detecting my gamepad as well?

Hoping for a reply soon,



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