Savegame transfer unsuccessful

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Savegame transfer unsuccessful

Postby dagon » Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:35 pm

HI all,

First : thanks for this great game !

Here's my question about savegames :

I played the english release of the game on a friend's computer (Steam release I think), and bought the french boxed release and installed it on my computer.

I would like to transfer my (english release) savegames to the newly installed french release.

Took the "profile" containing the saved games, and I put it in the newly installed game.

Seems it works only partly, the game starts smoothly to the level I stopped, but all my characters lost every inventory items, every weapon/magic level.

Can anyone tell me where this information is stored ? What file should I transfer also ?

...or is there a lack of compatibility between savegames from english & french releases ?
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