One keyboard for 2 player co-op

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One keyboard for 2 player co-op

Postby szubskin » Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:23 am


so as the name suggests, I I've one keyboard and two mice and I've been trying to set my keyboards settings for two players.
I have read this thread: ... ?t=2287549 but it is not really about this case and I could not figure out how to bind second players buttons on same keyboard. I have tryed adding a line :"up = Key8" but it does not work even as duplicate control for player 1.

Could you help me out?
What should I do in order to set second player controls on same keyboard?


edit: I have Trine 2

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Re: One keyboard for 2 player co-op

Postby fb_jlarja » Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:58 am

It is possible to make binds that use one keyboard and two mice for two players. But it's complicated and hard to debug the problems with release version of the game.

You have to create override binds for controllers 10 and 11. One using 1st keyboard + 1st mouse, other using 2nd keyboard + 1st mouse. Probably easiest to create custom binds with Configure Controls menu for the first combination, copy the userbinds to safety, create second set for other combination and finally convert them to override binds.

If you are willing to spent few hours on this, I _might_ give you some more pointers. But I really don't recommend it. Number of simultaneously pressed down buttons in limited (by hardware), so it may simply be impossible to achieve what you want with your keyboard anyway. Much easier to just buy second one.


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