Issues with PS3 SIXAXIS on Windows XP32

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Issues with PS3 SIXAXIS on Windows XP32

Postby beannaich » Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:38 am

I am having an issue that I haven't seen posted anywhere else. In the game, I try to configure my gamepad (using a PS3 SIXAXIS controller). The game recognizes only the analog sticks, none of the buttons are picked up on. I've tried various hacks and fixes to make this work, but to no avail.

I can provide more detailed information if it is needed, thanks in advance!

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Re: Issues with PS3 SIXAXIS on Windows XP32

Postby fb_joel » Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:04 pm

Sounds weird, although this could also be an issue with the SIXAXIS drivers - you're using some third party drivers, right? We haven't really tried those much... If you can tell me where you downloaded the drivers that might help. I probably have the Japanese third party drivers somewhere but I think there must be something newer around...

In general you should make sure that the buttons are recognized correctly in the Control Panel / Gamepads. The config file is in binds\joystick\1\keybinds.txt (for Custom Configuration 1). We can try manually writing some controls there but first we need to know how the pad assigns the buttons.
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Re: Issues with PS3 SIXAXIS on Windows XP32

Postby TeflonTrout » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:58 pm

I too am having Sixaxis problems, specifically there is a conflict where the directional pad is the only method I have to make Zoya swing on her hook except for tilting the controller. However, tilting the Sixaxis to make her swing produces game-breakingly strong swings- She can hang nearly horizontal indefinitely, but when I jump off of the grapple I cannot change direction until almost a whole second has passed. This makes swinging up and landing on top of a platform I am hanging from almost impossible. The same problem also makes it impossible to ascend or descend while actively swinging.

My friend plays using the keyboard and a trackball while another friend plays using my other Sixaxis and we never had any issues with our controls in Trine 1. Keyboard guy always plays as the mage while Other Sixaxis guy always plays as the knight (it's kind of an unspoken agreement, and adds a very strong individual feel to the game). I play as Zoya, and am the only person who has any control problems in Trine 2.The three of us are currently roommates in Afghanistan, so our gaming controller setup is not very flexible. We are pretty impressed with how hard you all are working with people like us to troubleshoot issues caused by oddball setups. We are happy to try any fixes you suggest, since three people playing on one machine has never been this much fun!

I'm assuming the previous poster is using the same third party drivers I am, as there's not much of a selection yet. The website that hosts the drivers is

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