Trine 2 + Wacom Tablet (Absolute Positioned Cursor)

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Trine 2 + Wacom Tablet (Absolute Positioned Cursor)

Postby Astrylian » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:55 pm

Loved Trine, and loved that it didn't have any trouble using my Wacom Tablet. I'm one of the few people that uses a graphics tablet instead of a mouse for everything. If you're not familiar, graphics tablets are basically absolute positioned cursor devices instead of relative positioned cursor devices (like mice). Mouse drivers are sending a stream of constant updates saying that they move in a direction relative to where they were before, ie +2px up, -3px left, etc. Tablets are sending a stream of the exact coordinates that they're at. The OS usually obfuscates that from most applications, but certain apps interact with input drivers at a low level, like it seems Trine 2 does. What ends up happening is it seems like Trine 2 is constantly telling the OS that the cursor is at some specific point (looks like maybe 512x256 or something), and then measuring relative difference from there. But since the tablet drivers are also setting to a specific point, they end up fighting with each other, and you get a cursor that streaks back and forth across the screen, and around the edges of the screen.

TLDR: Is there some way to basically tell Trine 2, "No, really, just trust the OS for cursor position?" or something to that effect? I know this is an obscure problem, but hope it can be solved!


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Re: Trine 2 + Wacom Tablet (Absolute Positioned Cursor)

Postby Herbert » Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:42 pm

Unfortunately I still haven't seen a documentation on these, but the "PointerBallistics" in the options.txt look promising. Ever tried

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setOption(inputModule, "MousePointerBallisticsEnabled", false)
setOption(inputModule, "UseOSPointerBallistics", true)
or something similar?

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