Computer shuts down

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Computer shuts down

Postby lanoki » Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:52 am

After i made previous topic about this I thought it was because of overheating so I deleted it. Now when i had some more time I did some testing and saw that it shuts down totally random when I play Trine 2. Tried those "advice" someone from Frozenbyte wrote on Steam forums, didn't work.

So my situation is like this:

1* Tried playing game on medium graphics , AA = 0, resolution on 1366x768. Tried it with capped FPS also. It shutdown my laptop every time on the same spot, wizard animation when he woke up (happened 3 times).

2* Lowered settings, low, AA=0, resolution on 1366x768. Played 2 times for around 30 and 15 min before it shut down my laptop.

3* Yesterday I lowered settings to very low, resolution 1024x768, AA=0, capped FPS to 30. Tried extra options from Steam forum. Shutdown after 2-3 min.

Have to mention that I didn't pass the first level cos my laptop keeps going off. Tried other games i got on Steam, everything works ok.
I did few CPU and GPU stress test for 15+ min everything was fine.

My specs are:
Windows 64-bit, latest Ati drivers.
Dell Studio 1555
Intel Core 2 Duo [email protected]
Ram: 4Gb [email protected]
GPU: Ati Mobility Radeon 4570HD
Nothing is overclocked or tampered with.

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