Trine 2 Stuttering

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Trine 2 Stuttering

Postby Infinite Jest » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:31 pm

This is a quote from this ( thread on that I posted:

"I bought Trine 2 today after thoroughly enjoying the first game a year ago but have run to strange stuttering with objects that I can interact with (i.e. platforms, wizards-conjured objects, other objects I can push around). When they move, it reminds of telecine judder , but my character's movement is completely fine. Mind you, I'm always running at 60 fps (so it's not fps related) and have tried every possible launcher setting (including vysnc and manually setting refresh rate). I re-downloaded Trine (the first one) to see if it did the same thing as I know when I had played it in the past it was completely butter; strangely enough, it does the exact same thing. The only things in my rig I have changed since then are my monitor, PSU, and ofc graphics drivers. Any ideas on a likely culprit?"

Everything else seems very smooth except those objects that can be interacted with, i.e. swinging logs, platforms, wizard objects, and anything that can be generally pushed thrown or hit. As I said in the quote, it seems like telecine judder or even frameskipping going on with those objects. Character animations and other background animations are buttery smooth. Any help would be appreciated as I can;t wait to get into this game!

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