Trine 2 Loading screen, than nothing.

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Trine 2 Loading screen, than nothing.

Postby bruj84 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:13 pm

Hello, I bought Trine 2 yesterday, 25 August 2012. The installation is held with great success. But when I launch the game, after configuring the launcher and pressing "Start Trine 2", the game launche the loading bar and when waiting grew 100%, the game stops, nothing more on the screen. "trine2_32bit.exe" is still active. I tried to be ready all night on the internet for solutions, I already listed some that did not work:

- Restart Steam
- Restart my PC
- Put the launcher configurations to a minimum.
- Check that it is not blocked by the Firewall / antivirus (I use Avast, the problem could come from it? Yet I put in trine2_32bit.exe exceptions.)
- Reinstalled Trine2 with and without the CD and the CD.
- Start the process directly in its original folder (instead of going through steam)

Here is my configuration: ... esume.html

Waiting for an answer, thank you in advance for your help.

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