Trine data files corrupted on every death.

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Trine data files corrupted on every death.

Postby ekental » Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:08 pm

Multiplayer -> Host Private Game -> Invite 1 Friend -> Play until death (Hardcore) -> "Restart Level".

So far, 6 attempts to play , 3 of which have crashed me to desktop on death with the message "texture<#>.fbq" is corrupted or something similar.

Verifying data makes me d/l 4 files, coming in at around.. 4 GB, which is essentially the entire game.

Re-validating the files afterwards tells me that everything is OK.

Attempting to play the game with a friend with the same series of steps leads to the same problem.

In addition my friend's skill trees and saves are completely wiped every time a data file is corrupted. After the first occurenceI sent him my save and we both backed everything up.

It looks like, as long as we don't have to restart the level everything works fine. The moment we hit the restart button however, it's a coin flip whether or not I get to re-d/l the game.

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