Pseudo-2D "side camera" games like Trine and PS4.

For discussion about Trine 2, released in December 2011 on Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation Network and later on Linux and Wii U.
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Pseudo-2D "side camera" games like Trine and PS4.

Postby Zybex » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:45 pm


First - I know - Trine 3 is not right now in production. Some other cool game is, and status about the game is something like "We'll PROBABLY make T3 sometime in the next decade" - OK, Fine for me :) Might be two years, might be ten - but it will likely happen. Very positive prospect anyway. :)

If the rumors are right and I get it correctly, It could be a revolution in Trine-like games,
somewhere in next 5 years:

- FB artists creating backgrounds by hand-drawn 2D art, like they did so great in Trine 2, but this time having over 30x memory size.
- game frame rate: 60 frames per second, like Trine 1/2 on PC.
- animated background: 30fps -> 60fps
- overall quality improvement due to much more powerful hardware, besides infinitely great backgrounds.

- Practically infinite possibilities for artists in this genre of games.
- much greater reception and notes. I personally think there is no chance this game would not score greatly bigger success than Trine 2.
Due to frame rate - steering is much more pleasant, the IMMERSION is much greater, not broken every time the player runs fast through the level. Quite big improvement in reviews, and gamers.
- There is also power to make this amazing 3D technology available. People would be blown away.
- There is some good news for Shadowgrounds-like games. Camera angle is "friendly" for hardware :)

a few requirements:
- 16x bigger memory capacity -CHECKED
- enough pixel and texturing power (still unknown, most probaly - it'll be OK. PS4 might have 72TMU.)
- Frozenbyte artists wanting to make the next-gen Trine (very strong possibility, I hope :) )

I hold my fingers crossed for this PS4 to "deliver".
And it's going GOOD so far :) - Can this generation be the ultimate hardware for side-scrollers? Is it possible that from there, no significant difference is possible, as there are no limits already? :)

It sounds too good to be true, but so far... it looks like it is most likely happening. :D
I simply can't even imagine what FB guys could make with a powerful enough 8GB GPU_RAM hardware. :D
It is such a good perspective, that it simply cannot be stopped in my head, and is expanding from "future" to "now", improving my mood already. :P
I hope I won't be disappointed by the PS4 specs later this year.
Even if, It will not stop some great FB game beating Trine 2 in the next few years. PS4 will make a difference to T1/T2 as they are working like a different generation even on budget PC hardware.
So -whatever happens, it will either be a big improvement or a total revolution. Then there's hope to see it before 2017. Sooner the better. :)

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