Multiplayer lags + Hardcore

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Multiplayer lags + Hardcore

Postby Muay » Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:01 am

I play Trine only in coop and since the last patch we have massiv lags in the multiplayer. You cant see the enemys attack you...... (in the past we could play without any lags but the latest 1 or 2 patches ***ed it up). I dont know what they patched but it destroyed the multiplayer feeling . PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! ( btw we all got 16k (or more) internet and opend all trine ports...)

And it would be nice if you could make an option to skip the sequences in Hardcore Mode. The game is too easy if we play not hardcore and we love it but the sequences are soooooo long if you die. You can already skip it in singleplayer so why not in multi?

Sorry for my bad englisch.

C. H.

AND WE LOVE YOUR GAME!!!!! :mrgreen:

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