XP and Levels Reset Bug? (Wii U)

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XP and Levels Reset Bug? (Wii U)

Postby Cres » Wed May 01, 2013 2:37 am

All the XP I collected as well as the levels I had unlocked have reset three times now, two of those times were in the last four days.

Originally I thought it was because I had collected 100% XP, treasures and such (other people on Miiverse have also said it happened to them when they collected 100%). But the second time I made sure to leave out a few XP and the third time I hadn't even collected enough XP to unlock all the abilities - so the 100% theory seems to not be entirely true.

Each time it's happened, it occurred after I had joined an online game but was unable to control a character, I could only watch (like when your character dies and the camera follows another player). Also, the character icons in the top left corner of the screen would only show 2 players in the room (when really I was the 3rd person).
The reset doesn't happen straight away though, usually I am able to continue playing online with the XP I've collected, it's only when I get disconnected that the xp and levels are reset - the treasures don't get reset so I end up with level 1 and level 20 unlocked and that's it.

It did only seem to happen after when I first collected everything, so I'm not sure if that really does have something to do with it. I do know that the only times it has happened to me, is when I have joined an online game but was unable to control a character, left the room, joined another and then got disconnected when the host leaves.

Any ideas what the cause is and a way to prevent it from happening?

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