Just finished the game... Complete story

For discussion about Trine 2, released in December 2011 on Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation Network and later on Linux and Wii U.
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Just finished the game... Complete story

Postby spectatorx » Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:02 am

What can i say? This game is masterpiece, close to perfection, mindblowing artstyle, interesting story, charming heroes, incredible music, perfectly balanced difficulty of puzzles, few not game-breaking bugs.

Game length is perfect, i do not feel it was too long or too short.

Trine 2 is masterpiece because of overall, this how it looks like, how it sounds, how it plays, perfect combination i've never seen in any other game.

Close to perfection but not perfect, there are some weaknesses, like poor textures in few places, cutscenes should be pausable, but these are minor things.

Mindblowing artstyle - do i really have to say anything more? Graphics, visuals, levels design, MUUUUUUUSIC!!!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Interesting story and this amazing narration with gorgeous voice of narrator. Story kept me with game, i like it. I adore concept of bedtime story, during playing the game i feel like a child, in positive way :-)

Our three heroes are so charming, i love them three. Zoya, wise girl with acrobatic skills and good detective. Her sense of humor imo is a bit similar to Glados from portal games. Pontius, fighty fellow who would like to eat all his enemies after slashing them, and his accent, i love it! And Amadeus, husband of woman with tough character and father of triplets. Timorous, shy... i laughed a lot when he was preparing his fists before last fight, that was so hilarious! :-)

Music and sounds overall i have only good things to say about them. I love the soundtrack, i like to listen to it even out of game, one of best soundtracks i've ever heard. Sounds of environment sound really good, top class job is done about audio in this game.

Puzzles and level design and teaching player by experiencing things not only by giving hints on what and how works. Puzzles are not too difficult and not too easy, imo are perfectly balanced. Sometimes, even if you stop on any of these you will finally figure out how to solve them because there is plenty of ways to do that! This is waking up creativity and imagination.

Since i started playing trine 2 frozenbyte became my favorite developer not only because you created masterpiece but also because of your support and this how communicative you are, you are really listening to your community and getting involved into dialogue with your fans, answering and responding so fast, you do not threat them like customers=necessary evil. I really adore you for still supporting two years old game and bugfixing it.

What next? Definitely i will have to try local coop with my friends and also to check out stereoscopic 3d, many people said this is the best stereo3d they ever seen. Overall my 3d experience is pretty low because this what i seen so far was poor and unimpressive but i see in it great potential, maybe trine 2 will be the first stereo3d experience which will impress me.

Few small bugs still exist, reported them here on forums and i hope they will be fixed in some time. And here i have to report one more bug in goblin menace: collision detection of experience orbs in some places is not working properly. When i was bouncing on some jumping pads hero was flying through orb and wasn't collecting it, i had to jump few steps away, come back to untaken orb and this time maybe hero was able to collect it, but not always.

What do i expect? Level editor for trine 2, but i already mentioned it in other thread. This could really change multiplayer into real multiplayer, not online coop. Playing custom levels created by fans would be interesting. Trine 3 - frozenbyte, pls, create it and when you will release it put it into sweet retail box containing the game, audio-cd soundtrack (not .mp3 thing), artbook and figurines of our three heroes. If there will be trine 3 new game engine providing the same features on all platforms, i mean for example stereo3d which currently is not available in linux version, if i'm fully correct xD Also i would like to see more AA methods implemented, personally i do not need AA, in this specific game i really can't see the difference with aa or without it. I played the game in two resolutions: 1920x1080 and 1280x1024, imo both of them didn't need aa but i saw the difference when i tested the game on 1366x768 and there aa was needed. I think SMAA native support would be nice.

Frozenbyte, congratulations, you created one of the best games i've seen in my life and i played a lots of games.
An interesting blog that i've found out some time ago:

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Re: Just finished the game... Complete story

Postby AnniFB » Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:28 pm

Well now I'm speechless. Thank you! :)

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Re: Just finished the game... Complete story

Postby Zybex » Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:59 pm

It's true what we're saying about stereo 3D.

But be warned: it's a very complex topic. It's easy to ruin the firs impression by watching a poor hardware or not knowing how to adjust the image for yourself. Then there is the depth. It's not something you can appreciate right at the beginning. Your brain has to have some time to adjust. Comfortable depth for a novice stereo-3D user is far from what you'll set after playing like this for a week (no hardcore training required, even 30mins/day will do wonders).

But when you finally get there.. Let me just say that it will blow your mind even more than first time playing T2 (and I'm just as big fan of the game as you are, this is the best game PC can offer in my opinion).
Quick hints: avoid LCDs. Choose a good plasma. Panasonic ST series is quite good, GT is even better and VT is the best. But there will still be some annoying lag, so you can choose a LCD monitor. And it's my personal choice. Just don't buy anything not Vision 3D 2 ready. Vision 3D 2 is important. It has LightBoost techology. It doesn't just influence the level of brightness. It makes the image in 3D and in 120Hz perfect in motion. Much better than any plasma, similar to old CRT (cathode ray tube- the old type TV's, that weighted 30x more than today's slim TVs). When you combine 3D with perfect motion clarity, and then with Trine 2 - it will (and there I've run into a problem - there are no words to describe this. And I'm not talking about my (mediocre) english skill)

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Re: Just finished the game... Complete story

Postby Scure » Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:58 pm

I just finished the game too, but i don't wanted to make another topic. I just want to say, it's one of the best games i ever played. The gameplay is very good, i like the idea of the 3 characters, the puzzles, the design, the graphics, the physics and a lots of more things.

All i want is a bit harder puzzles, more complex combat system, more co-op specific contents, like possibility for character ability combining. For example shooting to the wizard's "box" with fire arrow can make the box more powerful instead of destroying it.
Anyway, i'm sure the next game will be perfect. I heard the developers want to make a larger leap now. I really like this attitude.

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Re: Just finished the game... Complete story

Postby mete0s » Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:52 pm

Scure wrote:All i want is a bit harder puzzles, more complex combat system, more co-op specific contents.

I can't agree more i love both Trine and Trine 2(my favorite games),but i really feel like if they was more challenge to them they would be more enjoyable. I loved the Tower of Sarek in the first game because it was harder compared to the other levels and it felt so good to finaly get to the checkpoint on the top - it felt so satisfying- and i feel like the games needed more of that. The Trine one combat was slow and annoying at times because of the way enemies used to spawn. Trine 2 fixed that in a way,but made the combat parts so quick and not so enjoyable- it was over before it started.When attacking you "stunn" the foe and it didn't leave them much room to counter you unless they somehow get unstunned .The quick pase of the fighting also made some skills not so usable like the hammer explosion- it looks cool and you really want to do it but on harder difficulty you will probably die trying to charge the hammer or you will get taken pretty low and not to mention it had a weird range,where it sometimes didn't hit enemies right next to me, and you have to accually be standing still to activate it(if you move you will do a sweep instead.)And the Frost shield was a cool idea(no pun intended),but again it's too slow-3 hits- and if you have the Fire sword it is kind of pointless.
I also like the many sollutions for the puzzles,but that also takes away some of the challenge and the fun from the game. And that is why i really loved the Goblin Menace expansion- the puzzles were harder and there was still room for strange,creative solutions but it was limited.
This is just my take on things and i know not everyone will agree.Like i said i love both games so much and Frozenbyte too(i replay them when i'm bored of other games) and i know that they would make a great 3rd game no matter what and i will love it too. It would be great if the game wa slonger and if fb brought the items back.

P.S Sorry if i made mistakes.

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Re: Just finished the game... Complete story

Postby wellspokenman » Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:21 am

+1 for all the positives. I mention this game in the same sentence as Portal and Portal 2 - high praise indeed.

Not sure I'd change anything, although I'm all in favour of tougher puzzles. Maybe this would be better in a dedicated challenge mode? Just an idea, but I find myself getting frustrated more by a tough puzzle when I just want to get onto the next world or the next boss. In a challenge mode though, I understand that getting stuck is the whole point of the experience. It would also mean that certain abilities could be taken away (e.g. 2 object limit, and no low g) - preserving the integrity of the puzzle.

Keep making awesome games guys; I will keep on buying them and encouraging my (far too grown up) friends to do the same.

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