Exciting new Trine 2 playthrough!

For discussion about Trine 2, released in December 2011 on Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation Network and later on Linux and Wii U.
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Exciting new Trine 2 playthrough!

Postby SimpleSalmon » Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:35 am

Hey guys, my friend and I have recently started a new youtube channel based around us playing games with and against each other for fun. We both have a love for the Trine series and thought that Trine 2 would be a fantastic game to get the ball rolling on. Not only do we try to be entertaining but we want to maintain high quality videos (audio) etc so that plenty of you guys can enjoy it.

Anyways, I was hoping that I could leave the link to part one here so that hopefully my fellow Trine fans would watch the videos and fingers crossed enjoy themselves.


I hope you guys watch and I am thoroughly open to advice from anyone who takes the time out to watch it. (Note: the quality of the series picks up with Part 3 which will be released tomorrow due to improved headset and a tad more experience.

Thanks a bunch! SimpleSalmon of the Upside Down Lemon

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