Trine 2 Steam Linux Sound Issues

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Trine 2 Steam Linux Sound Issues

Postby niniendowarrior » Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:08 pm

Hi Frozenbyte,

You probably don't remember much of me but I finally got Trine 2 and it is splendid! Saving! Hurray!!! Unfortunately, it seems that Trine 2 seems to be suffering from a strange audio issue that apparently I also reported for Trine 1. I also posted this on the Steam community discussion, but would also like to post here hoping the devs can look into this issue.

Basically, I have audio on my Ubuntu 13.04 but after a while of running, the audio will cut out and I will also lose my desktop audio until I reboot. I can tolerate playing in silence, but I would like to see if you guys can help.

Thanks for adding saving on Trine 2. It is truly a great addition and I am very, very thankful for it!

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