Trine 2 + Trine 2 demo co-op?

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Trine 2 + Trine 2 demo co-op?

Postby kiwiandapple » Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:53 am


I am not sure but it seems like something went wrong with my first post, so I will try again.

I bought Trine 2 recently and wanted to play co-op with my friend. Who played trine 1 and did not enjoy it at all.. So I said:
"oke fair enough, but co-op seems to be amazing. So please give it a try?" So she downloaded the Trine 2 demo. Now, we are not able to get to play together..

I google'd a little bit, but can't find any information about it. All I wonder is, is it possible to play co-op if 1 person has the full game and the other only the demo?

The error message I got when I tried to join the game she hosted was.. not really an error message but. "Status: Smelling the roses". I could click oke and then nothing happend.
When she tried to join my game wich I hosted, she got straight to the steam store to buy trine 2.

I as well am not able to download trine 2 demo, because I allready have trine 2 "fully" installed.
I tried to uninstall Trine 2 to see if I could install the demo. But sadly steam knows that I have the game, so it won't let me download the demo.

My friend thinks this is causing the problem, because she has the demo and I have the full game. But I highly doubt it.
The demo is in my eyes just the full game, but it has most of it "locked". She thinks that it's impossible to play because I could go further in a level and she can't because the demo stops there. So leaving me alone and crashing the game.
Please tell me that this is not the case!

Kind regards,

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