Finally got the platinum

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Finally got the platinum

Postby wellspokenman » Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:13 pm

That was a man's platinum. Really, truly tough.

I have to think back to NES (Battletoads) and SNES (Puggleys Scavenger Hunt) to think of something equally tough and satisfying. Fallout 3 was long -hundreds of hours - but being open world that was really much more of a grind than this. A questions of will rather than skill. The NES/SNES comparisons seem more appropriate because they too would send you back to the start of a level, forcing you to suck it up and try again.

For me, the most frustrating level by far on Hard/HC was Icewarden Keep. That was just infuriating. Cloudy Isles wasn't much fun either, but it paled in comparison to chapter 12. A lot of the other ones were just about learning the level. For every confrontation in every level I knew exactly where I would go, if it was skippable or not, and which strategy to use. I've seen people do no skill runs on HC, but I really think I'd need a mouse and keyboard to pull that off. This iterative process of learning every corner of every level, and each goblin that would spawn reminded me very much of trying to do Facility on 00 in Goldeneye in under 2:05. I would play that level during every ad break for days on end, gradually improving my time until eventually I got it down to 1:42. The Trine 2 platinum is a good memory that I am very happy to have completed, and I'm glad it was so tough.

On trophy structures in general I really like it when they a) don't force you online, b) create a meaningful challenge and c) show you aspects of the game you didn't know existed. I did not know, for example, that Pontius could kick while gliding, until I got This is Trine!. Watch_Dogs is an example of a platinum I wish I'd never gotten - that stupid drinking game was a nightmare and had nothing to do with the plot or the core mechanics of the game.

So well done on an excellent game.

I want more!

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