Low FPS issues slow in 3d not 2d

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Low FPS issues slow in 3d not 2d

Postby DavidKoh » Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:58 pm

Hello all first time posting about a problem with 3d vision so far (had it 2 weeks loving it:)

Specs: 64bit win7
[email protected]/8ghz
GTX570 @ stock
24 inch 120hz benq 16:9 (1920*1080) 3d ready monitor
glasses and ir em-miter

I am using the nvidia 290.36 beta drivers from the website
This previously fixed this issue.
Since this is a very strange issue i will isolate the symptoms, controls and theories

Installed trine first time, set up ect and had very low fps (16 with 3d 32 without)
Went to nvidia and disabled 3d in driver: 2d runs at 100fps + depends on refresh rate afaik
Turned it on again and noticed no mater what i tweaked in how 3d turned on, once the tick on enable 3d vision is first made then when i run trine if 2d mode it runs at half what i would expect it to run in normal without 3d. if i Turn 3d on then it halfs that frame rate, which means i am suffering 1/4 my fps.

I updated my drivers to the beta and fiddled with my resolutions and then it was working and OMG i love you I would pay £30 for this. Then overnight i did more fiddling with a relation to a different now uninstalled program and it no longer works. also the Trine 2 update had to happen that same night so i cant isolate them :(

I have: Gone to config and shown fps (matches fraps)
Set frame rate to 120
windowed, full screen ext, multiple scaled and downscaled resolutions, lowest settings ext

It seems as far as i see that when 3d turns on my Ref rate is dropped by something, but this only happens with Trine 2.

Other minor problems that others may have had before
In monitor panel, you change refs rate and when you apply accept and then reopen its defaulting to another value

Hope someone can shed some light on this
Using DVI-D cable

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Re: Low FPS issues slow in 3d not 2d

Postby fb_juha » Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:29 pm

It could be that 3D Vision drivers are forcing the game to run with vertical sync. If this is done in driver side, then fps can behave erratically - being just shy of 60fps means that the game will actually run in 30fps and so on.

Does it help if you set Trine 2 to use vertical sync from our own launcher as well? This will also enable triple buffering and that should help to avoid erratic frame rate behavior.

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Re: Low FPS issues slow in 3d not 2d

Postby DavidKoh » Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:49 pm

No setting virtual sync into the launcher makes no differnce

It has to be driver issue since I did not have time to re-install drivers, on max settings for trine at 2d mode its at 80fps+ (even with that "warning your pcp might not be strong enough")

When i re-install the drivers it works till i restart. It has to be to do with frame rate switching though I can not find out which option is being triggered :P

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