some suggestions for Trine 3

For discussion about Trine 2, released in December 2011 on Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation Network and later on Linux and Wii U.
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some suggestions for Trine 3

Postby matthous » Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:55 pm

First i want to say that Trine 2 is a very beatuiful game! I love it!
Here are some suggestions for the group of game desginers if they want to develop Trine 3~
1, make the story integral and the game longer than Trine 1 or 2. We perfer to cost more money to play a longer and complete game.
2, Trine 2 have a lot of pretty scence such as farmer, magic forest, seaside castle, snow world... However, i really wish some other elements in some levels of Trine 3, for example, a small raining green forest which full of chinese bamboo, lovely panda and trandition chinese building, or a golden desert which contains huge pyramid, cactus and the sandstorm may also designed as a challenge for our heroes.
3, i really hope that each level will have a proper boss fight, take Trine 2 for example:
level 1: huge snake(Trine 2 have the boss);
level 2: bone crusher(it was in level 3 in orginal Trine 2);
level 3: a big smelling flower(level 3 appears some smelling plants, and the boss fight should be relative to the level desgin);
level 4: a huge flame mechanic(in rosbel's tree house, a lot of machine have designed for puzzles, and why not a robot for boss fight?)
level 5: a big lizard(we can desgin a lot of tubes fire a big pot, and a larger, powerful lizard appears, and wizard should first stop the fire from the tube and then skill the boss, because attack the lizard dierectly will not hurt the monster)
level 6: why not desgin a huge skoopy tree responsible for those carnivorous plants and as the boss in this level?
level 7: why not move the huge spider in the beginning of level 8 in orginal Trine 2 to the end of this level?
level 8: fire sword goblin is ok. why not add an ice sword goblin?
level 9: goblin king is also ok, however, it's much similar to the bone crusher. If he can fly or use magic, the boss fight may be better.
level 10: the monster in this level in orginal Trine 2 is the best desgin(combined the puzzles with the boss fight).
level 11: also the bone crusher just in blue... why not a small goblin ride a huge mammoth?
level 12: huge dragon + small lizard is so easy. why not add rosbel herself? She can use some magic to attack our heroes and creat some barriers just like the final boss in Trine 1. If added these elements, i think the final boss fight may be harder and more interesting.
That's all. Waiting for Trine 3!

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Re: some suggestions for Trine 3

Postby Zybex » Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:40 pm

matthous wrote:1, make the story integral and the game longer than Trine 1 or 2. We perfer to cost more money to play a longer and complete game."

One note here - "we".
Majority decides, unfortunately. You cannot possible know how much people won't purchase the game if it's more expensive.
I'd prefer another short game, but successful financially, so Frozenbyte stays independent and free of poisoning publisher influence. They're one of the last (caring about the quality and gamer happiness) developers. I prefer one game in 2-3 years, even a short one, instead of more, but done in today's awful fashion (e.i. making a clone of most popular games, or going into casual market).

There is another possibility - hire more people. But it is really dangerous. My friend worked in a very respected developing studio. Their games were always top quality - and suddenly, they grew. They hired a lot of people. Management failed. Sadly - it led to poor quality of their next game and several month later - studio was closed :(
I think I don't have to remind what happened with another great dev - Bizarre Creations. Activision gave them some money, but also influenced the creation process. Morale of the team went down the toilet, since they suddenly had to work on the game they didn't feel was theirs. Long story short - Poisoned money from a big publisher (once again) killed a great gaming studio. :(

FB guys worked really hard to make Trine 2, and if after such a long time they created Trine 2 which is indeed, not too long - then I think it was just impossible to create anything more without sacrificing the highest quality.

Like some people say - "If it's not broken, don't fix it".
The "Splot" game frightens me a lot (casual game alert - soon I'll start to having nightmares about every good dev switching to this market. I am deeply saddened about Rare and Planet Moon Studios, which went down this path, leaving us - true gamers with nothing :( ) but I think FB is not broken. I keep my fingers crossed so it stays that way forever. :D

I feel I have to play Trine 2 more than once, since some locations are so beautiful, it's a loss to watch them just for a few seconds. But... If FB used those sceneries more than once, many people would say it's lowering the overall quality.
Well. I hope for a DLC level in a snow/ice scenery then. :)
Until then - I'll play T2 again, and again. Until it stops to give me so much fun from watching this alive painting. I don't think it will happen until summer, at least. :D
I probably wouldn't love the visuals so much if FB decided to make a longer game.

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Re: some suggestions for Trine 3

Postby Dartaen » Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:37 pm

I'd like to have a level editor. Then we could make up for the game's relative shortness ourselves...

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Re: some suggestions for Trine 3

Postby Arisa » Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:32 am

Hi mattous ,i am 【TF】Arisa you know me 8) in

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Re: some suggestions for Trine 3

Postby xitrum » Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:50 pm

While we're day-dreaming... let's think "outside the box" a little here.

One can argue that much of Trine's success is attributed to the visuals. Let's take it a step further. Have you ever wondered how incredible it would be to explore the world of Trine in a full 3D environment? Forget about the boundaries and limitations of a sidescroller.

FB obviously has created a solid fan base with Trine 1 and 2. Now. let's go beyond it. How about an RPG game based on Trine stories and/or world where player(s) can roam freely and explore?

I would imagine a lot of the current Trine games' assets (artworks, models, etc) can be reused, who knows. If not, heck, we've seen that FB has very talented artists and designers on staff. :D

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Re: some suggestions for Trine 3

Postby D_Nizzle » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:22 pm

I must be one of the only people that felt that Trine 2 wasn’t too short :D. That being said, I would love to have more levels/chapters, even if only available as paid DLC. Something like the add-ons to GTA IV perhaps…

One of things I love about the Trine series is that I don’t feel rushed to complete the levels. It’s fun just to explore and to get lost in the beauty of the scenery.

One thing I would welcome is to have some type of change in the levels when playing either in co-op or when playing on higher difficulty. Gamers like to be rewarded when playing at higher difficulty, and this would be a quick win.

I’d also welcome a mode and/or levels where the challenge is based solely on puzzles (no battles). The battle aspect of this series has always been the least important to me personally….

But with all of this said, I think that FB has done nothing short of an outstanding job with the Trine series so far and I’m sure that we’ll see even more greatness come to the series in the future. Finding Trine (1) on the Mac App Store (and for so cheap at the time) totally sparked my interest in gaming again. I can’t recall the last time that I have been inspired by a game like this.

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