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Door remains closed, can't proceed =(

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:50 am
by Constance
Hello there .o/

Since this is my first post I'd like to begin by saying that I love both Trine and Trine 2 : these are some really nice games :}

However, I can't complete Trine 2 yet (unless I start a new game maybe) because of some anoying issue I just encountered a few minutes ago : in level 12, near some giant skeleton is a door I can't seem to get opened — see picture below.

Being kinda desperate about this door problem I went to youtube to watch a walkthrough of this level and it seems this door is supposed to open by itself when the enemy with 2 flaming blades approaches. But as you can see on my screenshot, it didn't and that fellow stayed stuck on the other side — until I finally managed to shoot him down, which, unfortunately, didn't "unlock" the door.

Is there any way around this ? :'(

Re: Door remains closed, can't proceed =(

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:24 am
by fb_joel
Sorry to hear. I guess you've tried Return to Last Checkpoint from the Pause menu? It probably won't help...

The "easiest" solution is probably to restart the level (choose it again from the level load list). The problem will most likely be gone then... Of course you already progressed quite far so it's a bit annoying. :(

The other alternative is to join somebody else's online game in the same level, and complete it that way, and upon quitting save the online save to one of your save slots (but of course you shouldn't overwrite the original).

There could be some other solutions too so perhaps someone can suggest them tomorrow, but these are the ones off the top of my head.

Sorry for the issue in any case (this has happened to at least one other user before too). :(

Re: Door remains closed, can't proceed =(

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:45 am
by Constance
Hi again and thank you for your answer.
Well, I just saved the game, exited, did some totally game-unrelated stuff on my computer, restarted the game, resumed the saved game, and the door opened before my eyes, so this problem is solved for me \o/

However I think it would be nice if the development team could find a way to fix it so it doesn't happen again to someone ;D
Maybe making the door breakable with the hammer or explosive arrows (if the game engine allows that) could be some kind of workaround ?

I did try to get to the last checkpoint (though it didn't help), and it was a bit uneasy to climb back there due to the iced path. Perhaps a checkpoint closer to this location could be useful too ?