Trine 2 US PS3 Fully unlocked save

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Trine 2 US PS3 Fully unlocked save

Postby FB_JussiE » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:53 am

Hello everyone!

As you might know there's an issue with Asian PS3's not being able to allocate skill points (level up) in Trine 2.
As a temporary "fix" for the players who have already bought the game, we've uploaded a fully unlocked save to the internets.

While we do realize this is far from a proper fix, we'd like to think its better for the players be able to play the game this way rather than having to wait while we try to solve the issue with Sony.

Anyways here's the guide on how to use the save:


-You will need USB memory stick to follow the steps

-Using the save will take your 5th save slot. If you have a save in the slot you'd like to keep back it up before you copy the full save.

-You will not be able to achieve trophys while using the full save

-All the experience is collected from every map and all maps are unlocked. All treasure chests/secrets how ever are still intact

Copying the save

1) Download the zipped save file here (all skills unlocked, only works on the North American version)

2) Extract the zip file Note: you need to extract all the included folders as well, not just the actual save files for instructions how to extract a zip archive see below

3) Plug an USB memory stick in to your PC and copy the extracted PS3 folder in to it

4) Safely remove the memory stick from your PC and plug it to your PS3 (it's the same ports on the PS3 that you use to recharge your controllers)

5) Power on your PS3 and sign in

6) From the PS3 "main-menu" select Game -> Saved Data Utility (PS3) -> USB Device (usb-sticks-name) -> Trine 2 save slot 1 -> Options (triangle atleast on EU PS) -> Copy

7) If promted about overwriting current data select Yes Note: Your existing data will be overwritten, if you want to preserve your earlier save, be sure to back it up

8) Once the copying is complete, start Trine 2 normally and from the main-menu go to Help & Options -> Save Slot -> Select Save Slot 5

9) Play the game

How to extract a zip archive

1) To extract a zip file you will need a program to do that. More recent Windows versions can do it without installing additional programs, but for simplicity this "guide" uses 7Zip which can be freely downloaded from here

2) Install 7Zip using the wizard

3) Right click on the zip file and select 7Zip -> Extract here

4) There should now be new folder with the name "PS3"

Trouble shoot

PS3 does not seem to find the save from the memory stick
-Make sure you have the correct directory structure in the stick (PS3 -> SAVEDATA -> NPUB30331-SLOT5 -> (actual save data) )

The save copied fine, but the skills aren't unlocked
-Make sure you have the correct save slot (5th) selected

For additional help feel free to post in this thread, or if you prefer "direct" support you can contact me via MSN (FBTestJussi at I'll be online on weekdays roughly between 08:00 and 15:00 GMT+2.

We're also hosting a public online game on PS3 so you can pop in to get the save that way too, just look for game hosted by FBTestUS (should be idling in the tutorial level).

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Re: Trine 2 US PS3 Fully unlocked save

Postby Yeong-Tae » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:49 am

Hi, are you guys ever going to fix this problem so that we can get all the trophies? I loved Trine and I want to get into Trine 2, but I was heartbroken to find out about this glitch and that takes so much of the fun out of the game. I don't want a fully unlocked save, I want the ability to get the trophies!!! I've seen other forums with people that have the same problem, and you guys must have heard enough that you released this 'fix' won't you please follow through and fix it completely?

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