Random black screen

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Random black screen

Postby NightEye » Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:27 pm


I played the first levels of Trine 2 without any problem.

Today, though, while in coop mode with a friend over the internet, I got a problem : Trine 2 would randomly go to black screen.
The game doesn't crash, I can still hear the music and my character performing actions if I keep pushing the keys on my keyboard.
The screen is just pitch black.

Doing Alt-Tab or pressing the Windows key doesn't seem to change a thing : the screen stays black.
Doing Ctrl+Alt+Suppr finally (after several attempts) gives me back the screen and access to the task manager. If I click on the Trine 2 Icon in the system tray, Trine 2 comes back (screen and all) and I can play normally... for about 30 seconds.
Then, it's black screen again (same thing, game doesn't crash).

I'm on an Alienware M18x, 2x6900M Crossfire and I'm using Catalyst 12.3.

ps : searching the internet, I found only one person with the same problem, also on a M18x : (the page is in French, sorry) :


Can you help me please ?

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Re: Random black screen

Postby fb_jpk » Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:00 am

I certainly don't have any definite answer on this issue, but it seems like the issue is most likely related to that specific hardware / crossfire, since that seems to be the one thing common here. (I might be mistaken, but as far as I know, we haven't had other reports of exactly this kind of issues).

Based on the fact that the game keeps on running on the background, so its not "crashing", just the screen goes black, its most likely some kind of glitch with either the rendering / graphics drivers / graphics hardware.

One thing to notice is that Trine 2 can be really GPU intensive (it can run at a very high GPU utilization). If this issue always seems to occur after a while when gaming, then some kind of overheating issue might be possible as well. To rule out that, it might make sense to test the game on some lower settings, most notably the following which affect GPU:
- Disable Anti-Aliasing (at least higher level the SSAA)
- Set the vertical sync on.
- Set on the input lag reduction .
- And possibly set a framerate limit (in the game menus), try some value like 30 frames per second.

These settings should ensure that the GPU has some idle time (and the input lag reduction probably pretty much kills any crossfire benefit) and thus mostly rule out any overheating issues. If the issue still persists regardless of those settings, then its something else... Something crossfire related probably, I'd guess, but I'm no expert when it comes to that (our graphics programmer might have more insight on that). Trying to disable crossfire from the display driver settings to see if it has any effect might also make sense.

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