Stuck in a "secret" area in Mushroom Caves, v1.15 (Linux)

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Stuck in a "secret" area in Mushroom Caves, v1.15 (Linux)

Postby xolotl » Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:48 am

Hello - I'm guessing that this one isn't Linux-specific, so I wasn't posting in the Linux-specific forum...

I just got into a secret area in the Mushroom Caves, and I'm pretty sure that the game is glitched in such a way that I'm unable to get out. The area I'm referring to is this one:

I think it's actually the fact that I was able to get in there in the first place the way I did that was the actual problem... I had been expecting that trapdoor to actually be a trapdoor, but it never actually released. After shooting out the thief's grapple a few times, it suddenly managed to attach to the top wooden area rather than the trapdoor itself, and when I shot out the grapple again, the character just sort of zipped up in there.

Once I retrieved the goodies, though, I found that there was no way for me to get out. None of the walls are destructible, and nothing I do will make that trapdoor open. If I drop one of the Wizard's boxes on top it jiggles a little bit, but that's about all. I did try quitting and going back into the game, but that didn't work.

Not really that big of a deal since I can just restart the level, but still - perhaps it would bear some looking into. I do see that there's a new version available (v1.16, I assume) - this was experienced on v1.15, though.

Edit: Ah, yeah - went through the level again and actually cleared out that gas field correctly (the first time I had just quickly gone through it) and now I see that it's the lever that opens the trapdoor. So certainly the bug is only that I was capable of getting to that area with the thief at all. Probably not that big of a deal, really...

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