Multiplayer not avaiable! HELP

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Multiplayer not avaiable! HELP

Postby HamstaTwink » Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:38 pm

I bought Trine 2 yesterday beacuse i wanted to play some co-op with my freind, but now
we cant play multiplayer.

We are not playing on same computer.
Does the host have to Port-Forward an ip?
Is there a guide to host anywere?

What we did was starting "a public game"
i choose my decided settings and invite my freind.

On my freinds screen it says "connecting" so i guess everthing is going good by now, but here comes the problem.
It will just keep connecting for a time and then on my screen, it will look like his in my public game (wich isnt actually started).
If i start the game, he just keeps getting the "connecting" and if i wait, it will take some time and he will dissapear from the game lobby, but on hes screen it will still keep saying "connecting".

We also tried having him hosting but the exact thing happened, please reply as this has so far made my experience of this game not half of what i beleive it can be.

- HamstaTwink

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Re: Multiplayer not avaiable! HELP

Postby FB_JussiE » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:31 am

Hello HamstaTwink and sorry to hear you're having trouble with the game.

Do you play any other steam games in multiplayer together ?
One of the first things that come in mind is that you should check that you have all the Steam required ports open, which are listed here.

We've a megathread in the Steam forums which has quite a bit of info about the most common issues.

If nothing else in the megathread helps, we'd greatly appreciate logs from you and your friend when this issue happens. This would ease up the tracking of the issue a lot. You can enable the logging by opening the Trine 2 options.txt file from:

Code: Select all


Just copy pasting this to your explorer location bar should open it, and from there changing the line

Code: Select all

setOption(networkModule, "NetLogEnabled", false)


Code: Select all

setOption(networkModule, "NetLogEnabled", true)

All net events are then logged in to log\trine2.log which is plain text file.

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