Cutscene glitch in Alien Mothership 1 / Wrencher attacks

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Cutscene glitch in Alien Mothership 1 / Wrencher attacks

Postby xolotl » Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:32 pm

Finished playing through Shadowgrounds on Linux last night, which was a highly enjoyable experience all around. Well done!

I did notice one potentially problematic glitch while playing, though: In Alien Mothership 1, in the bit where there you have to flip a switch on four Terminals to disable some energy fields, and each one locks you in the room with a bunch of baddies who spawn from the floor -

On the one with the Wrenchers, the cutscene of my character heading back to the terminal to complete the action was triggered before I had actually killed all the wrenchers in the room, so the cutscene had my character blithely jogging past creatures still clawing at him, and then standing there while he was pounced on, etc. I actually was taking damage during the cutscene, too; I had started it at full health but had 51 when the cutscene ended and I was finally able to do something about the creatures.

Anyway, it wasn't actually problematic on my playthrough since I just grabbed some health and moved on, but it could be annoying for someone who wasn't doing so well healthwise at the time, or if the amount of damage imparted could get greater than 50.

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Re: Cutscene glitch in Alien Mothership 1 / Wrencher attacks

Postby fb_joel » Thu May 05, 2011 5:38 pm

Yeah this is a bug in the game - I replied to another one in email. This can happen on all platforms I believe. We probably won't fix it on our own, as it's a little difficult and the cutscenes are a big mess. Thanks for posting though, I'm interested to hear if more people experience this issue.
// Joel, Frozenbyte team

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