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Your thoughts on the game?

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2005 3:22 pm
by fb_joel
So what do you think? :D

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2005 8:11 pm
by vipe
looks cool, refreshing to see a topdown action game for a change. Anyone remember Alien Breed for amiga? ;)

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2005 10:57 pm
by stry
Looks highly impressive! Keep up the good work :)

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 12:03 am
by Alamar
Game looks mighty nice, but why do screenies rarely show UI? : )


Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 1:37 am
by fb_joel
The reason for not showing the UI is usually that the UI is not ready or is about to change. :)

In our case we made a conscious decision not to clutter the screens with the UI. We actually have a pretty cool UI, and I'm sure it will be shown eventually.

Thanks for the comments guys, keep them coming.

looks awesome

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 7:56 am
by cleveridea
I loved Alien Swarm, so I am really looking forward to your game. some recommendations for you

1. allow people to register for a mailing list (even if you dont send anything for months), I'm interested in the game but I may forget about it in 6 months time

2. if possible, let me buy the game from you direct - eg instant download + ship a boxed copy . offer a small incentive to buy direct (some bonus video or concept artwork for example). that way you get to keep most of the money, I like to support small/indie developers in such a way (I'm a programmer myself, though Finance industry not games)

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 1:25 pm
by Trent_R
Just found it on 3D Gamers. Looks promising. Could be my kinda game.

Will it be more focused on action like Diablo type hack'n'slays or will it feature adventure and story elements like Anachronox and (a bit more off, I admit) Beyond Good and Evil?

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 4:20 pm
by Guest
The screenshots look pretty cool, but I am VERY interested in hearing how the game will pay on a widescreen monitor. What are your plans on dealing with more monitor "real estate", other than the standard 4:3 monitors?

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 7:28 pm
by Armadillo
The game looks really good and I look forward to new information as E3 approaches. Gotta love the E3 pre-hoopla...

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 10:39 pm
by Qraft
Sure looks like a sweet game. Is there any plan on a betatesting for the game?

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 1:31 am
by fb_joel
Thanks for the comments guys - I can't wait to let you know and see more about the game.

- Mailing list is coming, hopefully tomorrow. Good suggestion, thanks.

- Online delivery is definitely something we want to do but it depends on other factors... Either way, pre-ordering won't happen until much later.

- Widescreen support is something we haven't really thought about - sorry. I'm not sure if we have time to add that, but maybe it'll come in a patch. I guess this question was related to laptops or video-out? It would be great to play Preyground on a big television monitor, though... We'll see. :)

- Betatesting is interesting but since Preyground doesn't have traditional multiplayer, we probably won't organize a betatest. We will make a demo available before the game's release, maybe that counts. 8)

- While Preyground has a lot of focus on action, it also has some story/adventure elements. Gameplay won't be a killfest after another. Stealth/cautiousness is needed at some points and we take full advantage of the lighting to create a great atmosphere. There will be some non-linear story progressing as well. And great characters! More about them in the next big site update (next month hopefully).

I loved Beyond Good & Evil and it's definitely one of my personal influences (especially in character design). Shame that it didn't sell well and they don't plan to make a sequel. :(

(I'll let Lauri answer the publisher question, Armadillo. It might take a while, because he's busy playing WOW at the moment. :P )

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 2:40 am
by Qraft
Damn, no beta :( oh well as long as you dont release the demo 6 month after the game is finished ;)

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 2:58 am
by wilho
This game will be total coolness.

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 12:48 pm
by Guest
fb_joel wrote:(I'll let Lauri answer the publisher question, Armadillo. It might take a while, because he's busy playing WOW at the moment. :P )

It will probably never happen as WoW tends to consume players until they forget to eat, drink and sleep. At least that's what I've read about it. :lol:

Thanks for the info about the story.

Another question: Are you guys involved in the demo scene? Finland is quite active and chances are that we have seen some of your works already.

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 12:50 pm
by Trent_R
D'oh, got logged out. The previous post is by me.

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 1:47 pm
by Slarvi
Wow, looks cool, even better than I expected. Alien Breed comes in mind, allthough Preyground looks slightly better ;) [14 years between release dates doesn't mean anything..]. Byteway blood is amazing, looks simply mind-blowing! Ground is quite neat also. You really should add footprints when somebody walks, might make game even better —just an idea. Release the game allready. I wanna slaughter some aliens.

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 5:07 pm
by Moon_Wolf
I'm very interested of this game because 1) Wohoo to Finland! we rock :D 2) We need games like this

But i jus want to ask that 1) are this going to be like you can carry million guns on your pocket, or is this kind of game where you can take maybe one, or two guns with you, it would be good think, it puts to make more decisions... 2) Is there gonna be any "Survival" style game modes...

But Hyvää Onnea. And i hope demo would come out soon as bossiple, i can't wait :).

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 12:58 am
by [Jako]
Nothing to add, but i agree with other posters. Good Luck! 8)

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 1:50 pm
by fb_joel
Frozenbyte has a couple of guys who have been involved in the demo scene. Our animator has won a couple of Assembly prizes, and our music guy has won the Assembly fast music compo twice in a row, I think. I'll let the guys decide if they want to get some extra fame by revealing their identities. 8)

But other than that, we don't have roots in the demo scene. I'd say we're the first wave of next-generation Finnish game developers. Does that sound weird? :P

As for the weapons thing, the player can carry all the weapons at the same time. A long time ago we thought about only allowing 2 or 3 weapons (like in Halo for example) but it would have ruined our upgrade system.

"Survival" is something we would definitely want to do but it's a similar situation as the co-op... We want to make the story campaign as amazing as possible. We'll see if we have time to add some cool extra stuff but I can't make any promises.

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 5:46 pm
by Wizard
fb_joel wrote:As for the weapons thing, the player can carry all the weapons at the same time. A long time ago we thought about only allowing 2 or 3 weapons (like in Halo for example) but it would have ruined our upgrade system.

Well, you could have allowed the player to choose his 2 or 3 weapons before entering different level. That could have created nice little situations in the game 'cause if you chose the wrong weapons before the level you would be in trouble. This way the game would have good challenges and also the upgrade system wouldn't be ruined :) Of course, I can't judge on how good the system in Preyground is 'cause I haven't played it yet (*cough*leak it to me *cough* :wink:)

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2005 10:53 pm
by Pvt.Scythe
Vaikuttaa hyvin lupaavalta. Minkäs hintaiseksi olette tuota ajatelleet? On aina mukava nähdä suomalaista kädenjälkeä. Pitäkää lippu korkealla!

In case you're wondering what I just wrote, I just wished the guys good luck and asked about the price...

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 7:21 pm
by ashley_klikgamers
fb_joel wrote:As for the weapons thing, the player can carry all the weapons at the same time. A long time ago we thought about only allowing 2 or 3 weapons (like in Halo for example) but it would have ruined our upgrade system.

Yay. Although the realism part is taken from the game, it does make games a lot more fun when you can have more than just a couple of guns. GTA VC really annoys me...

A lot of good games seem to restrict you now to just a few weapons at a time, which really annoys me. :p

But then thats just my opinion... :?

realism and etc..

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 7:50 pm
by Moon_Wolf
i gotta write again, yea, well, actually (just say it :D) the realism thing is something that ruins this kind of cames (maybe) but makes fps games and some others much way better, but i havent meet the game where is good "realism" actually, first good "realism" i have seen in game, is F.E.A.R. i don't mean that game have to be allway realistic.. but F.E.A.R. have that movie realism, the room is filled with bullets, smoke, and stuff.. and allthose closecombat things... but in the real thing, it would be cool if all the weapons hero in preyground carries, would be seen carried on his back, and etc.. ofcourse ten weapons to carry is though job.. and i know that asking a realism for the arcade game is kind as a stupid as a playing Magic The Gathering without mana (if someone doesn't know what that is let's say stupid as playing basketball without basket... and... yea, i wanted to ask that are there anykind of speacial things like slowmo' (actually just question for curiosity, 'cause it's used nowadays in so many game that using it in this makes feel "mm.. okay, but this thing doesn't give xtra 1point... maybe" but it's cool thing if made right where F.E.A.R. made that too) and is there anykind of Fysics like in Max Payne2, Half - Life2, Doom3, Halo2 etc... ?

Well good luck to your job, make it fast that we all can get it in our com's and play it with sweat on our foreheads, but don't hurry, because then it could come just one piece of crap what have to be updated ten million times.. Now, i shut up for a moment :D

Looks great

Posted: Tue May 10, 2005 12:50 pm
by Hefaistos
Looks great! There is some personal touch. Atmosphere.

Do not copy this game. Buy the original.

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 12:35 am
by MDK
Hey familiar names in here :D.

Yeah I'm really looking forward in seing the final product. I really hope you have enough time to make a decent co op mode. The weapon upgrade system would be just great for co op since players could specialize in certain weapons and that way form some interesting strategies.