Great game but!

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Great game but!

Postby Dark » Mon Nov 14, 2005 9:00 pm

Frozenbite you guys did a great job with the game I had some earlier issues with some pretty bad screen lag at the end of level 2 right before you fight the boss but was able to resolve the issue. It was defiantly video lag with the shadows.
Like I said the game is a lot of fun but unfortunately I have a complaint about the Coop. While it is supported with the hot seat option the controls using a joy pad just plain sucks, myself and a friend tried playing it with over the weekend but could not get the hang of using the game pad you just can’t react quick enough or maneuver or turn the way you want too. For some of you console geeks out there this may not be an issue but for us it is we don’t play console games we are pc gamers. And yes we suck using the game pad so no flames here please. While this option may be good for many of you it is not a good option for us so I will again stress the need for at least Local LAN play. If anything that can be added to this game, please at least consider adding a local LAN option. The game is a blast to play and it was disappointing for us that we were not able to play it Coop like we wanted to due to the fact we are just not good at using the game pad. After playing the game with the mouse and keyboard then trying to get used to that game pad just drives you insane when you are trying to play and can’t do it very well with the game pad. Again this is not a post to flame the game. .The game its self rocks it would just be a shame if you all didn’t give the game it’s just deserves by not adding the local LAN that this game is crying out to have.

Thanks again FB for a really kewl Alien shooter that’s down right fun to play.

- Rick

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