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Splot PC version gameplay video

Posted: Fri May 22, 2015 2:58 am
by spectatorx
Few days ago i gave a try to pc version of splot (i haven't played iOS version). Game is simple and enjoyable, i like it in some way even if i'm not fan of this genre. Before launching i decided to record few minutes of gameplay and here it is:

I was playing in "2K" resolution, i mean 2560x1440 and in this resolution is available this video. I've tried to show all features and options available in game and to complete just first chapter of gameplay. IMO completely mouse driven controls do its job just fine and works nice as replacement for touch.
Despite game being in "beta" stage everything is working smooth and stable, i haven't faced any critical bug or even smaller one.

I hope you will enjoy watching this video and maybe leave some comment here or there :-)