Mac: Trine 2 Dual Monitor Issue

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Mac: Trine 2 Dual Monitor Issue

Postby sabbione » Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:18 pm


I am playing Trine 2 on the rMBP (retina display) and when I launch it fullscreen mode max resolution 2880x1800 with a secondary monitor connected to my Mac it first correctly uses my primary monitor, which is the retina LCD monitor set to 2880x1800 resolution, and after the Trine blue bar finishes loading it 'jumps' to my secondary monitor using a way too large resolution. Basically I can only see 30% of the initial menu, the left bottom corner. Unusable.

If I disconnect the secondary monitor everything is fine.

Any setting to play with to make sure that the actual primary monitor is chosen at all times?

Also I am noticing the same issue already reported on

If I play in window mode choosing relatively high resolutions (still below the native 2880x1800 though) the window is too large. I have to pick low resolution to have it fit in my screen.

The other post remained unanswered after the initial report.



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Re: Mac: Trine 2 Dual Monitor Issue

Postby AnniFB » Wed May 22, 2013 10:16 am

You could try to edit the options.txt file. It's located either in

~/Library/Containers/com.frozenbyte.Trine2/Data/Library/Trine2 (Mac App Store)

or in

~/Library/Trine2/ (for the standalone)

There you'll find the ForceFullscreenWidth ja ForceFullscreenHeight options that you can try to fiddle with to find the correct measurements for the fullscreen.

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