READ THIS before commenting in Task suggestions

Tasks for the Jack Claw project.
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READ THIS before commenting in Task suggestions

Postby fb_eelis » Thu May 19, 2011 5:27 pm


So, the time has come to start building the vast task database! In this "sub-forum", we will be updating tasks regularly to get/keep the project going. Tasks are created here and anyone with interest and/or expertise (at first) will be able to "have" them and start working on them.

The priority stuff in the beginning are the tasks related to the Game Editor and the code. That is the core of everything. When the editor works correctly and as intended, any kind of content can be created. The better the features in the editor are, the better content people can create. That shouldn't come up as a surprise :)

The other priority tasks (but not so as the editor) are the Art and Asset tasks. Art is always required and it also takes quite a while to do. Doing any kind of art at any time for the project is encouraged. If you don't know what to do and there aren't any specific tasks you would like to do, you can, for example, go and see the concept graphics and start making 3D-models out of that stuff. All work is appreciated.

If you already have something in mind, and also in the future if our list doesn't have that specific kind of task that you think the project should have, go to Task suggestions and suggest your task there. The task will be then reviewed and updated to the Task list, unless it's something that is already implemented or the community thinks that it's not needed.

Now, go and start having fun :)

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