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[Code] Mingw improvements

Posted: Tue May 24, 2011 4:12 pm
by alt_turo
Currently the code can be compiled with mingw compiler. Currently only cross-compilation from Linux has been tested. Test compiling on native windows mingw and document the necessary steps.

Mingw-compiled game doesn't work because it requires PhysX which is compiled with Microsoft compiler which has an incompatible ABI. It might be possible to remedy this with gcc 4.6. Their changelog lists "Support for the __thiscall calling-convention". Investigate how this works and if it can be used to compile a game binary which supports PhysX.

If that does not work, check out ... 02298.html . It might be possible to use something similar with PhysX.

The editors and other support tools are not currently enabled in mingw build. Add them to the build system and test they work.

Why: To make it possible to compile windows version with a free compiler

Difficulty: Hard

Timeline: When someone feels like it.

Special skills:
Knowledge of mingw. Knowledge of GNU make. Understanding of different calling conventions and ABIs.