[Code] Implement LLVM clang support

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[Code] Implement LLVM clang support

Postby alt_turo » Thu May 26, 2011 12:12 pm

Description: It should be possible to build the code with LLVM clang C/C++ compiler. We need to provide an example configuration to make it easier. Copy top-level directory binaries to clang. Change example.mk to have sane defaults for clang. Fix any compilation issues or file clang bugs if there are missing features in the compiler. Test the resulting binary.

Why: Apple is making noises about maybe moving from GCC to clang so we should be prepared for it. Using different compilers exposes latent bugs in the code. clang has better error messages. clang has an interesting static analyzer that might help in finding bugs.

Difficulty: Medium

Timeline: At your leisure.

Special skills: Access to working Linux/Mac with both gcc and clang installed.
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