Trine 3 wishlist

For discussion about Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, released in 2015 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Is also available for PlayStation 4.
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Trine 3 wishlist

Postby atronach » Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:13 pm

Could we make a wishlist for new the game in this thread?
I would like Trine 3 would continue on high fantasy story with some plot twists but with deeper gameplay challenge similar to Dark souls.

Next, I would like more level verticality exploration and more weapons with ability to upgrade.

Also, thief would be able to stealth finish enemies.

Dev team, could you tell us will this be possible ?

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby nenetaro » Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:30 pm

Trine 3 for Wii U pleaseeeeee!!!
visit - and

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby Kein » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:44 am

Requested mods to move this thread to appropriate section.

EDIT: done, thanks!

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby Quandrastorm » Tue Mar 03, 2015 12:23 pm

well the one thing i missed in thrine 2 was the cool items you had in thrine one instead you got poems or pictures :D
so if anything id like to see the artifact of power back into the game :D

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby Daikenkini » Fri Apr 17, 2015 7:14 pm

- Combat is less of slaughtering hordes of weak enemies and moves into the direction of less but stronger enemies
- Thief gains more stealth options
- Broader range of hostile mobs (less goblins ... those were Trine 2)
- Artifacts
- More storyline and more ways of storytelling (Trine 2 had some narrated images which were kinda cool)
- Wizard gains some spells and more/easier ways of dealing damage

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby Dartaen » Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:04 pm

More rainbows, please! 8)

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby Kein » Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:13 am

this fella knows what's up.

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby Zybex » Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:15 am

My wishlist:
(mostly things that majority won't agree with or things that are ultra-difficult to do, be warned ;) )

- no stealth, cover system gameplay, please. (sorry OP, I hate stealth, really, really, really hate it)
- less bloom, more vibrant look, less soft, less fog/bloom/dust etc. less soft colors, more vibrant colors. More color "strength" in combination with less colorful scenes. If it's not clear what I mean - compare Ratchet&Clank:Tools of Destruction to Sunset Overdrive, the latter is childishly colorful, but is more dull than Ratchet:ToD. I prefered the looks of T1 instead of T2 and T2 instead of T3 - but I'm aware I'm in a minority here, so I should probably post it in "dreams wishlist" instead of this thread ;)
- Frozenbyte hiring someone to put some humor into the game. The one that an adult can enjoy. Jak&Daxter would be a good example. I know Family Guy type of humor is not fitting with the fantasy setting, so maybe something like Terry Pratchett (R.I.P :( ) ?
- more innovative platform gameplay (I know it's just as easy to do as winning a lottery, but it's a wishlist so... ;) )
- more high quality platforming, less fights and puzzles
- (not that important) better animation of characters. Again - the geniuses at Naughty Dog done it in 2001 in J&D, and Trine animators should at least try to match that
- high-end pc version. More polygons in the scenery, less fog, better textures etc. It might be available after checking the date is 2018 and possible to turn on in 2015 by editing an .ini file or by some secret combination in a game menu, if FB fears that people will crank all the things to "ultra" and then be unhappy because their GTX980 struggles.
- The Lost Vikings mod ;)
- less childish story, less flowers and rainbows BUT absolutely no change in atmosphere. Bring as much great looking sceneries as possible, just don't make a lot of levels an adult wouldn't want to watch. There are levels in T2 and T1 that are beautiful no matter how old the player is, that is what I mean. And please, don't change the "fairy tale" feeling. Don't kill any of the characters just because this dredded fashion made it's way even into animated movies (spoiler alert for Pixar/Dreamworks fans!) like Big Hero 6 or HTTYD 2. It's a game that should be uplifting, helping to forget the real-life problems etc. Don't ever change that please.
- include some satisfying (in terms of gameplay) flying levels. Place to look for inspiration: God Of War series, Bayonetta, Rayman Legends/Donkey Kong Country. A giant eagle or a dragon, with some spell casting, accompanied by some epic music by Ari... that would be great. And something tells me I'm not the only one that thought about it. ;) Fingers crossed, then :mrgreen:
- from time to time, enemies that got hit by a hammer, could fly toward the screen, hitting the monitor/TV glass. Or they could die in a way similar to the good old Rick Dangerous:
(the 'whaaAAh!" scream could exist when an enemy is hit by a lightning spell for example, or anything else, I just had to post this idea since I'm in love with Rick Dangeous sound effects, I was 20 years ago, I am now, and I'll forever be. I'll suggest this even in Call Of Duty or Max Payne game, then, sorry ;))
- editor without geometry/textures limit, with 3D model/texture/animation import system, so people can do mods for future GPUs
- steering wheel support ;)

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby NeatNit » Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:48 am

Zybex wrote:- steering wheel support ;)

It can't be a Trine game without steering wheel support!

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby fb_jlarja » Mon May 04, 2015 6:41 am

NeatNit wrote:
Zybex wrote:- steering wheel support ;)

It can't be a Trine game without steering wheel support!

Nothing prevents you from writing binds for steering wheel :D .


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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby Mirabeau23 » Fri May 22, 2015 3:10 pm

The ability to save custom skill sets would be good.

You could have a 'parkour' skill set where Amadeus has the 4 boxes skill and Pontius has the Kite Sail skill.

You could have a 'battle' skill set where Pontius has his fire sword and Zoya has the fire arrows.

Instead of manually having to sell them one by one, then buy them one by one, you could just select the custom skill set.

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Re: Trine 3 wishlist

Postby atronach » Sat Aug 22, 2015 2:18 pm

I have a request for future story or DLC if developers and fans will agree.
LORE: "Tainted Trine"
Amadeus has become wild mage and finally he has mastered destruction magic. He and his companions are on the quest to to discover what happened. Will he subdue to this power and how will this affect trinity friendship ?
But there will be also side quests and meeting strange characters who will tell a story about the world they're in.
And though bosses...
Game layer 1
It's a usual action/adventure/puzzle game we know
Game layer 2 with RPG elements:
*weapon upgrades, greatswords and other slow but powerfull twohanded weapons
*locked rooms for which to open you have to look for hidden key across world; theese locked rooms hide optional bosses, treasures, weapon upgrades ...
*waypoints (you can teleport across the world to open varius locked areas you previously couldn't)
*traps=physics related areas which trigger damage if you not carefull
*backstab (when behind enemies you to critical hit damage)
*improved difficulty that requires tactical approach and gives rewarding feel (optional settings)

Reasons for RPG layer:
Game layer 1 ensures known adventure/puzzle gameplay for casual players. Game layer 2 gives another depth so that RPG players will enjoy hardcore game. Game will have wider audience.

I have made in Blender and Gimp some concept of spells. Blender .blend file is probably not supported across other engines.
Could you made in your engine a spell based on some texture or image in your particle system?
Here is what I have made:
Delirium (AOE damage, weekens creatures and affects next combo damage)

Soulfire (AOE complex damage with some physics included)

Seal of Twilight(directional casted spell with AOE combo effect) \GIMP

But he could have also protection spells which I haven't yet created.

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