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I love what you guys are doing!

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:33 pm
by mete0s
Let me just say, that I sadly don't have a PC powerful enough to run Trine 3, but I will for the official release. From watching the stream and seeing playthroughs of the Early Access version on Youtube( players really seem to be enjoying the game btw) I have to say I am more than excited for the full game.
When I saw Zoya swinging in 3D in the announcement trailer and Pontius gliding I was of course flabbergasted. But then a worrying thought overcame me- sure those look nice in 3D, but is the shift truly fitting for the series. The videos I have seen show that it really does - the characters can move in any direction now, but with the fixed camera, which doesn't follow you over the shoulder, the game still has that Trine 2.5D feel.Furthermore, it is really great to see what the 3D can bring- most notably for me is the fact that Zoya can now pull objects with her hook.
From the Steam Discussions it is obvious that there are people who hope the skill trees return. I heard you guys on the stream say that for now they are not and you want to use everything given from the start in the entire game. I like this idea, but that means puzzles have to feel unique and fresh throughout the game and have to make the skills feel fresh and interesting all the time, so we don't get bored since we will not be getting new ones. However, this is Early Access and if you decide to bring them back it will also be cool. Personally, I hope that chests make their return, because they provide a bigger incentive to explore the game world. Some people have also said they wish that the inventory and items return, which would be awesome, but I would be happy even if the chests were filled with everyone's favourite poems :D .
As per usual the atmosphere of the game is brilliant-stunning visuals with a dash of Ari Pulkkinen magic.
The one thing that I wish gets more attention is the combat. We have only seen a glimpse of it, but frankly these phlegmatic stone/vine creatures remind me of the skeletons from the first Trine(before the Enchanted Edition update) and with their slow movement and attacks they don't seem to be much of a challenge or to make the combat feel that exciting.
The enemy diversity will of course make the combat more interesting and making enemies weak to certain attacks or requiring a specific attack (for example Pontius has to charge at them or stomp the ground before they can be damaged) will add another layer of depth beyond the simple hack and slash.
So, to end this rant I have to admit that whatever concernes I may have had are now gone. Actually I am pretty optimistic that this could and will most likely be the best Trine game yet.
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