A response to the Trine 3 feedback

For discussion about Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, released in 2015 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Is also available for PlayStation 4.
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A response to the Trine 3 feedback

Postby Kein » Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:55 pm

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Re: A response to the Trine 3 feedback

Postby fulcrum » Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:45 pm

Too bad it happens.

Despite this failure, you guys have tons of potential. It's a waste not to try again.
Hopefully you guy will still around to make Trine-esque games (since Trine story is probably over). The beauty of Trine is unmatched in the industry.

I also don't mind if you make few small DLCs for Trine 3. Doesn't have to be continuation of the story, could be side story or challenge maps (gotta be fun).

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Re: A response to the Trine 3 feedback

Postby Zybex » Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:13 pm

I'm speechless...

End of Trine series and quite possibly end of the FB as we knew it, just because the most loved game developer in the industry didn't focused on the biggest treasure it had (love of gamers)?

And why the hell there's that marketing guy in the video? He makes me so angry when I hear/see him! It's unbelievable what he says! Why the hell FB released this video? He was supposed to say sorry, and instead all I see is spinning! Marketing spinning! WHAT THE HELL, FB ???

I'm feeling like I was watching some politician, not a guy from Frozenbyte! I understand such "marketing guys" are needed, but for f... sake, don't adopt their ways, don't put him in front of a camera! This video might make more damage than the shortness of the game itself!

I really don't get it how FB can not realize what treasure they got/had.
Immediately after the backlash on the internet started, FB should've publicly step up, apologize, and act quickly. It doesn't matter if they're really guilty of something or not, but it's about the treasure (fan base). The most important thing FB had!
Why not:
- apologize
- lower the price
- give people, who already bought the game for 20$, a free DLC


This way FB would get positive media attention, "fanbase magic" would be put into motion, boosting the sales sky high, and even if the overall income was lower, FB would benefit from this step in the future.
And now what? Trine is dead. Gamers are unhappy, Devs are unhappy.

FB. You really know how to make good games, but please, get rid of the people who work at PR, marketing and community management, because those guys just f.. up the FB. :/
And the ones responsible for the strategy.
Gamers hated being forced to wait while being fed all the old stuff re-re-re-released (T1 and T2). Now we know the devs hated it too, because they got bored, and that resulted in a horrible decission to go for 3D, which for the game didn't end up better, but the costs raised by 3x and caused the whole backlash in media about the game lenght.
Why the people who steer FB always seem to f.. up their jobs?
T1 was released for Steam, costed pennies, earned a lot. Then FB got burned on the new thing, consoles. Earned money eventually, but not after lots of hard work and surely lots of sleepless nights spent on worrying how will it end.
Now 3D.
WTF didn't you just stick to PC, Steam and 2D? If something isn't broken, then DON'T fix it. You are a small dev, you don't create open world games, so you could do PC title, with graphics that would outperform consoles, which would surely give you great media coverage across the world. Lower detail settings could be for users of mainstream PCs, since you guys know how to optimize your games, ans detail settings change a lot in Trine games.
Why mobile Sflop, I mean Splot?
Why so many new hardware platforms?
Why ignoring PC (T3 doesn't look as good as it could, it clearly was designed with 'slower platforms in the future" in mind.
Why no 2D levels in T3?
Why not utilizing the great treasure of absolutely amazing PR image Frozenbyte had?
Really. Give the steering wheel to some othe guy/-s because those who drive FB now are drunk and just crashed FB into a tree.
Why didn't anybody contacted TotalBiscuit on this:

Why didn't anyone notice that TB based 90% of his negative opinion of T3 just on the control? He clearly used K&B instead of a joypad, and even T1 and T2 loose a lot when you play on the K&M. Why no disclaimer at the start saying "look, I understand you prefer keyboard, but please be aware the game will seem much, much worse to you, since it was designed for a joypad, or rather it is a game from a genre that required a joypad since the beginning of time"?
Swinging and shooting arrows in T1 and T2 - it's so fun on a joypad and so flat and dull on the mouse.
Someone should also talk with TB and explain to him, that if you don't like platforming, then you suck at it in all games, and when you suck at it, you tend to not like it even more. And if you use inproper controller for it... well... it doesn't take a genius to predict the verdict. And guess what? "not recommended" in a YT review by someone with a million subscribers.
Where the f... were FB people who should take care of that? So much work done by people who created the game, ruined by utterly f.. up work of people who had a simple job of driving the sales and marketing. What a huge fail and a tragedy to FB hard working people and gamers. :(

I really wish you can somehow survive all this and stay independent in the future.

Sorry for the tone and a few f..s here and there, but I hate to watch what happens. I was hoping CDPR and FB could ignite a revolution that will bring back game devs practices to the way it was, when it was normal, before marketing departments became more important than anything else. CDPR clearly switched onto the enemy side, and FB instead of go the way that brought them the love of gamers, listened to some assholes in marketing, even after the "trinegate", even when it was clear FB needs to say (and do) something really, really quick.
Don't mix the two worlds ever again, please. People who actually work on the game (the game itself) and gamers are one world. Gamers expect high quality and honesty, and when they got that, devs can happily do what they love, how they love, and earn good money on it. Get rid of that "new ways of doing business" cancer.
If FB will face problems with continuing, I hope people who worked on games in FB create a kickstarter page, so they can work the way they want to, and the way gamers want to. I will back it. Judging by Yooka-Laylee kickstarter, many other will, so don't listen to people who say "either you adopt our ways of business, or you loose your job".
In the "gaming devolopment based on true respect for gamers" there's basically no competition. It's your chance.

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