Shadowgrounds "hang" in mission 2 boss battle

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Shadowgrounds "hang" in mission 2 boss battle

Postby FrozenBug » Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:55 am

So I'm probably just going to skip this mission and start from mission 3, but twice now I played through to the point where the boss battle starts, and then the game just stops. Note: the game is NOT crashed, but the "cut scene" is just hung at the point where the boss is supposed to erupt out of the water. (I know this from watching a YouTube video.) I can still bring up the console with F8, but nothing else seems to work -- I can't access the menu, use/see the mouse cursor, or anything.

This is the Steam version of Shadowgrounds. I'm running a Radeon HD 5670 at 2560x1600 (works fine, thank you), with a quad-core QX6700 and 4GB RAM on Windows 7 64-bit. Perhaps it's related to one of those items, but I can't seem to find anything about this glitch elsewhere. I'm also going to try verifying all the Steam files, as maybe the boss data file is just corrupted. I'll try at a lower detail/resolution as well and report back.

That's it for now. BugMeNot rules.

Edit: Screenshot of hang location, for reference: ... ion2cr.jpg

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Re: Shadowgrounds "hang" in mission 2 boss battle

Postby fb_joel » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:39 pm

Ah, this has happened before I remember. There is a way to bypass the cutscene I just don't remember what exactly it was...

I assume ESC does not help?

One thing you can try is bring up the game console with the F8 key, and write "endCinematic" and press enter (without quotes). This may help, or it may just cause a different kind of issue (like freeing the camera or so).

The same problem can happen in a couple of other spots too. On the Steam Forums it has happened once in the WTF level when you "save" Arwyn from the boiler room thing, and then in the seventh level in the intro to Provectus...

If the cutscene help above doesn't help, then I guess the savegames are the way to go. You can download them here, I think they have reasonably good weapons and ammo.
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