Shadwen - stealth playthrough gameplay (60fps videos)

Shadwen is a stealth game, where sneaking is not optional. It was released in May 2016 for Windows, Linux, Mac and PlayStation 4.
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Shadwen - stealth playthrough gameplay (60fps videos)

Postby spectatorx » Tue May 17, 2016 11:36 am

I'm one of few very lucky people who had access to final version of the game before release. This gave me advantage to complete the game twice and also to perform some tests of it. I received pre-release access to the game under condition of not posting any info about it before release. I think i fulfilled this condition and didn't reveal anything about final version of the game.

While playing i decided to be recording videos of my gameplay. As i already mentioned, i finished the game twice: stealth way and killing them all way. On this playlist you can watch stealth playthrough: ... u0umvcoGxT
Videos will be available to watch since moment of release of Shadwen. They are uploaded already and just waiting for Shadwen release.

What i can say about game without breaking promise given to Frozenbyte? Pre-alpha and beta demos were very much like tech demos of this what we can play in final release. Final version of the game offers much more than what you have seen so far. Game has interesting story explaining why do we travel with Lily. Lily is not just "useless obstacle" as many people were claiming after playing demos, she is more important than you can imagine.

Is the game worth to buy? I have received access to the game before release, i may be known (or may not :P) to some players who have been playing Trine series, all this may make you to not trust to my opinion, and you are totally right, under normal conditions i wouldn't trust such guy as me, but decision if to trust me or not is up to you. Back on topic: is Shadwen worth 17usd (14.55usd on release)? IMO this is very unique game, mixing together few so different gameplay mechanics and unusuall for stealth games story telling. I'm very pleased with this game and time spent with it was amazing. Despite game mechanics it was still challenging and satisfying to play every level in this game. Yes, game is worth its full price and i recommend it to anyone who is missing decent stealth games. This is a game for you. Unless you are some guy who would prefer to kill a child instead of helping to it :P

Do not watch my videos, just buy the game and enjoy it by yourself, experience it, but if you want to watch it before buying and spoil yourself a lot of fun, it is up to you. Do not forget to thumbs up my videos (or thumbs down if you dislike them). In the meantime, before videos will become publicly available just go to my channel and subscribe it to become one of first viewers of these videos:

Little note about technical condition of game: it works awesome under Windows (videos recorded on Windows on resolution 2560x1400, very high detail and just fxaa antialiasing) and on Linux Shadwen is one of the best performing games in my steam library, works a lot better than Trine 3. Same results were with Beta Demo.
An interesting blog that i've found out some time ago:

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